Enzo’s Monday Motion #160: Up in the Air

Buckle up and start your engines, because five flying commercials are about to take off!

Battle of the birds

Let’s start from the ground up with a good old fashioned Western shoot out between a chicken and a turkey.

KFC knows its place well during Christmas: this family tradition stands for a home cooked turkey dinner. This doesn’t mean it has to lay low during the Christmas ad battles! KFC might lose one particular meal of the year, but the season trophy goes without a doubt to the chicken. Beautifully shot, an even better soundtrack, and a killer concept. Very well played by Mother and directed by Nicolai Fuglsig through MJZ.

Super Slomoo

Flying is fascinating, but flying creatures in slomoo is even more mesmerising…

All species are from New Caledonia, a tiny (French!) island 1200 kilometers West from Australia. With a shutter speed of a thousand frames per seconds every motion can be viewed in detail. Very nice job by Alan Nogues.

Synthetic Biology

Vasil Hnatiuk created a visual essay exploring the future technology of synthetic biology. What if we combine the DNA of living organisms into our vehicles?

This super-rich infomercial follows the pace of the narrator perfectly. Better yet, it makes a difficult subject not only understandable but at the same time very appealing. The title sequence at the end almost feels like a feature film. If I was directing the next Ant-Man movie, I would for sure add Hnatiuk to the team. Watch his work in progress on his Behance page.

Where magic gets real

Disney created a short, new fairytale to capture the nostalgic and warm feeling of visiting their theme park.

BETC Paris made a smart move by choosing an animal as the protagonist, thus overruling the issues with gender or race. It’s all about a young person falling in love with Disney and making their dream come true: finally meeting their hero in real life. Every parent feels instantly the urge of buying tickets!

I particularly love the detail of the end scene. When the film part turns into real life, the cinematic black bars literary open up into full-screen video. Great job by director Julien Lefèvre and Clément Chayé.

High as a Kite

When a brand lets you get away with drug-related concepts, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. German energy supplier EnBW returns with the sequel of addicted birds.

Jung von Matt got their client seriously hooked. Together with their favourite dealer Sehsucht (what’s in a name), they served another great spot. They managed to serve a bigger message without losing the familiar vibe filled with (drug-related) jokes. To say it in their words: this is some quality shit, directed by Hans-Christoph Schultheiss. Don’t forget to watch the dope behind the scenes.

Go Wild

Get another shot of wild animal spots and continue watching over here.

Last Week

Being rhythmic, efficient, an educator, or simply lazy: there are many reasons to fall in love with the power of repetition.

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Enzo Greco

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