Enzo’s Monday Motion #107: Food

From breakfast to dessert, another five course meal of delicious food spots.

Good Goes Round

72AndSunny kicked of their partnership with Cheerios with a very impressive brandvideo.

With the repeating timelapse opening shot the director makes clear that Cheerios are baked in America’s daily morning ritual. At the same time it introduces a new family moment, which is a smart blend of real internet virals and self created content. This way the brand connects perfectly to the average American. Directed by We Are From LA.

A Short Snack

As an intern at animation studio Blue Zoo you not only have the chance to work at award winning material, you also get the chance to create your own short! Enjoy this fun snack of Avocados directed by Jérémy Cissé and animated by Julia Milian, Olwkaiy Popov and Marcus Taylor.

Creme de la Creme

Not many creatives and animators can tell they worked side by side with bakers. The happy few can thank directing duo Parabella of Blinkink and Channel 4’s Great British Bake Off.

The making of is as mouth-watering as the final spot. The majority of the budget went to pre-production. Money well spent if you ask me.

Can I take your order?

To celebrate Car-free day McDonalds allowed every possible transportation to their drive thru window.

Creative director of Ralph Karam worked closely with a team of Latin illustrators and animators to complete the selection of short stories. It’s nice to see how all the different styles work close together thanks to the composition grid. Concept by DM9DDB.

Undivided Attention

Nowadays a moment of piece is a moment misused. We multitask our daily life with facebook, friends and work. Mars narrows their target audience even more: the busy business woman who loves to twitter and plays candy crush while she tackles her private and work life to do list.

The revival of on camera special effects is also present for this production. Check out the amazing studio in the making of. Where The Great Bake Of is a feel good family film, this one feels like a block buster. I also love how they portrait the opening and endshot with the stress of the city and natures peace after the moment of undivided attention. Great concept by BDDO and dito production by Framestore.

Still Hungry?

Consume more snacky spots in the first edition of Food.

Last Week

Why use many different scenes when you can tell a story in one go? Here are five one-taker spots which give the average production team non stop nightmares.

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Enzo Greco

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