Enzo’s Monday Motion #102: Pixar Style

Jet Ski, Jacuzzi or aspirin, all brandnames that have become the productname. The world of animation has their own genericized trademark: Pixar! Here are five shorts which easily deserve the brands signature.

Love Child

If the creators of Shaun the sheep and Kung Fu Panda would make a love child, it would look like this ventilator commercial.

The quality is almost too high for a Pixar movie with extraordinary level of detail and texture mapping. The edit feels like a teaser for a feature film and I can easily imagine they’re already working on it. A great production by Zombie Studios. Concept by AG2 Nurun, directed by Paulo Aguiar and art work of Leonardo Arcoverde.

Hole in One

Practise makes perfect. Since playing around on feature films is too risky, Pixar created a large sum of shorts to develop their technological and cinematic skills. Story wise following a similar pattern around a goofy character where humour is key. The next short could easily be their latest.

There are two surprising features in this short. It’s produced by six students and the production time was only four weeks. Where the previous short excelled in execution, this one is all about story and tone of voice. If they continue their steep learning curve there lays a great future ahead for the collective ‘Megacomputeur’. Also compliments to Passion Picture giving the team the opportunity to work on an own project with total creative freedom.

In a Heartbeat

The level of student work is increasing quickly. Animator / illustrator Beth David and story artist Esteban Bravo produced a lovestory at the Ringling College of Art + Design. A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.

“In a heartbeat’ feels both classic (thanks to the music choice) as up to date with emojis design elements. The strongest feature however lays in the body language. Especially the facial expressions are very well done. Check out interesting work in progress material on their facebook page.

Time Machine

Would Napoleon function as before if he would step into current time? Matthew Berenty created and directed a lovely short about this tiny and tempered ruler.

Funny thing is that the main character Napoleon is the weakest link of the story. Where the horse and the police officer have a soft matching style, Napoleon feels somehow over detailed and out of place. On the other hand his body language fits perfect tot the story and I love how Berenty kept the end titles interesting.

The Full Process

Google approached Nexus to deliver a short for their 2017 developers conference. The story follows two protagonists ‘Aye’ and ‘Idea’ on their journey.

The story is basically the evolution of ideas. The animation types match the production techniques one uses in every phase; from storyboard sketches to style frames and final render. The story line follows the structure of the creative process where you sometimes have to take one step back to move forward. Together they strengthen the core of the concept.

The gamy feeling with bonus level feature is a nice angle and gives the story a dynamic and smooth flow. The projects breaths diversity and positivity which is a great way to kick of an event.

Last Week

What’s the strongest way to translate the core of a music track into a video? Here are five video’s with dito different approaches.

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Enzo Greco

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