Enzo’s Monday Motion #101: Music Videos

There’s no greater playground for directors than music videos. Where do they find their inspiration and how does this translate into the execution?

To Let Go or no to…

The end of a relationship is the start of letting go. This is always harder for the getting-dumped side. The main (or better said) dumped character in the song ‘Hold On’ is struggling to let go and director Ollie Wolf took this fact to an absurd (and hilarious) level.

It can’t be said enough: it all starts with a strong concept. It’s the seed for every great execution. And every creative department, from director to art department can add their value. This video checks all the boxes: from funny storylines and great acting to well chosen sets and interesting camera angles.

Idea Mash Up

Another love triangle takes place in Tame Impala’s music video. Spain-based collective CANADA directed and produced “The Less I Know The Better’ where the high school big shot finds out his cheerleader girlfriend is cheating with the gorilla mascotte..

CANADA’s workflow starts of with a brainstorm session where the best ideas are melted into one great story. For me it’s not the storyline that excels, but the execution of it. To be more specific the strong transitions which flow nice and are surprising at the same time like a blood puking shot that continuous into an abstract painting which is surpassingly fresh!

Dream World

It’s normal to take the lyrics of a song as inspiration. Still the interpretation is in the mind of the director. For M83 latest song ‘Do it, Try it’ director David Wilson envisioned a typical white trash family where he focusses on the young son entrapped in a world he didn’t choose for.

The choice for such a heavy story For a happy song is pretty bold. By The perfect balance between story and caricature world makes it all really pleasant. The fantasy world of children’s drawing is both funny as convincing. Also big up for production Designer Matthew Bianchi for delivering a convincing style and the casting studio for great extra’s and main family.

Cultural Mix

Female French artist Jain dedicated a song to the South African female singer and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba. For her music video there was only one possible location. The scenes and story are all based around the collaboration between her and locals such as a graffiti artist, a dance group, local children and wild life animals.

I’m a big fan of smart and simple effects which this video is filled with. From the octopus hands of a line of dancers to mirror effects and stop motion to simple background mirroring. It makes the video divers and fresh to watch. Props to director duo Greg & Lio.

Follow the Beat

So what to do if your song is instrumental… in case of Bonobo it’s fairly easy with their uplifting music it’s hard to sit still.

The video is a collection of time lapse shots which feel like gif-loops. In style of the album title ‘Migration” we see urban cities in transit. Every scene feels perfectly timed to the beat, from departing plains and trains to mother nature that dances to the contagious rhythm. Nice job by Stylewar.

Dynamic Duo’s

The last video shows that re-using some existing material for a new project is perfectly acceptable. Cassius takes it to a whole new level with a video that is completetly consturcted out of existing ‘borrowed’ shots.

I can’t imagine that director Alex Courtès has cleared every shot, but who cares (besides the copyright gestapo) if it translates into such a strong video! His duo-shots switch from choreographic twins, to funny stories. But in any case spot on. It’s a shame to song stops after three minutes because I could keep on watching to this non stop! Produced by DIVISION.

Last Week

To celebrate the 100th edition I went big with Block Buster commercials.

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