Back to school – Bart Mol’s Eurobest 2014

Bart Mol, Creative Director van DDB & Tribal Amsterdam, zat onlangs in de Eurobest jury. Wij vroegen hem om zijn ervaringen te delen. Een impressie vanuit het koude Helsinki. In English for all you international Pop readers.

As a modern creative my job consists of 35% pointless meetings, 5% useful meetings, 10% actual work and 50% making case movies for the actual work. So you can imagine I was excited to see what happened on the judging side. As your stereotypical cynical ad man I arrived in Helsinki just after dark (4 PM) expecting a couple of days of politics and shady deals made behind closed doors. After my first shot of vodka in a Korean/Russian bar and some sleep the fun started on Sunday morning.

I love being right and I think I’m right way more often than I actually am. Put 12 of those people in one room and you get an interesting dynamic. Where during my normal agency days I do my thing and feel comfortable doing it, this was one of the first times I was learning again. And from some impressive people I must add, by the end of the festival 4 grand prix were given out to my fellow jury members in many different categories. And they deserved it. The French agency Marcel was represented, who did the great ‘Inglorious fruits and Vegetables’ campaign for Intermarche. The Cyranos McCann from Barcelona’s case ‘Pay per laugh’ stood out won 2 grand prix in total and another one was for Ingo Stockholm for their Lidl popup restaurant.

bart mol eurobest jury 2014

With so many big names in the room I expected some ego-clashes, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. All the arguments were respectful and everybody’s opinion was thoroughly discussed. Judging was tough but fair, and if there were any hidden agendas, they were hidden masterfully. Everyone in the room had a true passion for the work and were keen on keeping the value of the award high. Of course in the end some pieces get awarded that you don’t agree with, that’s how a democracy works. But on a personal level I am more interested in the pieces that in the preliminary judging I dismissed and after discussion I full heartedly praised. Making such a stubborn man as me change his mind and perspectives takes some doing, and I fully respect my fellow judges for their ability to do so.

Bart Mol eurobest jury 2014

I will always remain a cynic, but at least after this experience I consider myself a cynic with some lessons learned. And all I can say to anyone who has the same chance I did, go for it, you might learn something.

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Dimitri is mede-oprichters van Pop the Campaign en werkzaam als creative lead in Amsterdam. Twitter: @D13M

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