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Enzo’s Monday Motion #159: Loop Lovers

Being rhythmic, efficient, an educator, or simply lazy: there are many reasons to fall in love with the power of repetition. Yes, You Can! Every January comes with the healthy...


Enzo’s Monday Motion #158: Audio Driven

Music delivers easily said half of the total experience. The next set of commercials pulled out all the stops. Turn up the volume and enjoy the music. Chicken or the...


Enzo’s Monday Motion #156: Super Bowl Showdown

The biggest game in history isn’t the game itself, it’s the commercial-war in between. Out of the 56 Super Bowl ads I’ve selected three showdowns to see which brand deserves...


Enzo’s Monday Motion #155: Brand Films

In every commercial you do not only promote the product (or service), you also pitch the brand’s belief, style, and motivation. The next spots are skipping the product-part and go...


Enzo’s Monday Motion #154: App Commercials

If you truly want to connect to your customer, you have to be one swipe away. Six brands who plug their product through apps. The Classic Approach Thumbtack connects home...

Snelwegsprookjes 0

Snelweg sprookjes

Waar kinderen vroeger tijdens autoritjes naar buiten staarden en aan het dagdromen waren, wint het digitale scherm het vandaag vaak op de achterbank van Nederlandse gezinnen.

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Adam Berit

De politie, het leger en andere (inter)nationale (veiligheids)diensten gebruiken allemaal een bepaalde code taal, ofwel het letteralfabet. Maar dat is best wel oud.

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Real World Cybercrime

Een op de drie bedrijven in Engeland zijn slachtoffer van cybercrime. Met diverse aanpakken en tactieken worden bedrijven platgelegd en hun business ingepikt.


Enzo’s Monday Motion #153: TV Titles #2

Not that we ever cut down on our Netflix-addiction, but these dark days scream for even more tv-time. This edition is dedicated to the part that Netflix loves to skip...