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Enzo’s Monday Motion #138: Music Videos #8

It’s music video time again. Where some artists are camera shy, others seize the moment to shine. And this doesn’t have to be narcissistic or boring. Five examples where the...


Enzo’s Monday Motion #137: Transitions #2

From mini spot to feature film; every story revolves around a journey. There’s more to it than simply stitching chapters or scenes together. Six examples of transitions that make all...


Enzo’s Monday Motion #135: Interview

Personal stories are at its best delivered by the protagonist self. The main question is how to capture the moment that has passed. Six different interpretations underneath captivating interviews. Form...

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Four minute shower hits

Het is de afgelopen periode heerlijk weer geweest. Volop zon, warme temperaturen en het gevoel dat de zomer nog wel even aan blijft houden. Maar de warmte heeft ook een downside.


Enzo’s Monday Motion #132: Face Time

The selfie loving world also reaches creatives and production agencies. In their defence: what better way to capture an emotional rollercoaster! It’s face time in these next six spots. A...