Enzo’s Monday Motion: Xmas Countdown 2017

The Sint has left The Netherlands and the whole country is covered in snow. I say it’s time for some Merry Commercials!

Sweeter than Marmelade

Timing is everything. It’s not a coincidence we see Britain’s favourite bear starring in (another traditional brand’s) commercial. Follow the gullible bear on another adventure.

Quite surprisingly it was the the creator of the film who approached M&S. The two icons helped each other out for a publicity boost in the holiday season. Ad agency Grey London had the help of the full production team of the film, which explains the blockbuster feeling. Extra points for the copywriters who embedded the word-joke ‘breaking news’.

A typical and well executed story directed by Daniel Kleinman from Rattling Stick and produced by Framework.

Sweet Overload

In a season where every spot is sweet and soggy, Audi delivers a welcome alternative. Instead focussing on joy and trust we see different emotion like frustration, anxiety and competition.

As much as it’s refreshing, it’s not unique. Maybe some of you also remembered this little gem for bol.com’s Sinterklaas. The music brings back other memories! Maybe that’s why one of the lead characters looks soo much like one of the bad guys in Home Alone.

I love how they’ve written the end scene which creates and endless loop of battles. It makes me hungry for more… Really nice job directed by Steve Rogers at Biscuit Filmworks.

Bigger than the Brand

Hardly anyone outside Germany knows the supermarket chain Edeka. This can’t be said about their Christmas commercials, like Sensual Santa Claus or the lonely grandpa who faked his death. This year Edeka holds again the mirror to society.

After many Super Bowl spots, Matthijs van Heijningen is used to directing these block buster commercials. His experience definitely pays of. Extra credits to writer Christina Rankel and the art direction of Robert Wieder at Jung von Matt. I like his eye for detail: to portray an apocalyptic world the robot hides behind the extinct brand Saab.

Giving is Good

Time for a light hearted story! Starbucks want to make it special and it starts with a custom printed paper cup.

On a totally different way, this spot is very refreshing to me. Where we normally see block buster ads, this one is really simple and almost humble. It matches the product (and print) very welland together with the smooth transitions they’ve delivered a smart en well executed spot.

Keep on Giving

They don’t call it the season for giving for nothing. In a world where we shop mostly online there’s no brand you rather be than Amazon.

As we’ve seen before a classic soundtrack instantly helps you getting into the right vibe. If you use a sing-a-long song people might even chant (and think) of your brand all day!

The spot has some great camera work and choreography. Also very interesting Amazon sees itself on the same branding level as Nike ending with only (their own) swoosh. Bold! Concept by Lucky General, directed by Nick Gordon and produced by The Mill.

Bedtime story

A dad has to be very creative and flexible these days. Luckily Nick Minaj has found the right guy who delivers a tough and techy version of Alice in Wonderland.

This commercial is in soo many ways strong. The art work feels rough but at the same time straight out of a kids mind. H&M smart and smoothly introduces their new collection without feeling forced. But maybe I’m most impressed by the music. It’s always in perfect symbiose with the continuous changing plot. Directed by Johan Renck, produced by Rockson and music by Krister Linder.

Last Christmas

Stay in the Merry Season of Spots and enjoy last year’s treats over here.

Last Week

Last time I collected my favourite mash up videos where stop motion meets music videos.


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