Enzo’s Monday Motion #159: Loop Lovers

Being rhythmic, efficient, an educator, or simply lazy: there are many reasons to fall in love with the power of repetition.

Yes, You Can!

Every January comes with the healthy dose of resolutions, and going (more often) to the gym is one of them. UK’s Budget chain The Gym is there to help you deliver.

Getting into shape, more confident or even fighting cancer, whatever your goal is, you can reach it at The Gym. Maybe a bit exaggerated, but it does two things very well: it doesn’t exclude anyone and if they don’t beat around the bush: getting into shape is painfully following a strict monotonous pattern. Doing so with a matching addictive tune. Very handy when people are about to make a choice about where to start sporting. Smart thinking by Who Wot Why, directed by Sean Thompson through Dark Energy.

It’s in the Music

In its essence, every song is a repetition of sounds. This is even more applicable for the funk and rap scene, re-using short samples.

The Queen of Funk, Chaka Khan has still got it. With the 70s styling, the video totally matches the vibe. Fortunately Somesuch director Kim Gehrig added some fresh ingredients into the mix which make the song even more catchier. Another big win after Libresse’s Viva La Vulva and never-ending Uber-spot. Big props as well to the French choreographer Olivier Casamayou.

The Circle of (Candy)life

The bare essence of an infinite loop is simply seamlessly stitching the last to the first frame. Enjoy some classic cel animation dedicated to Candy Day.

The food chain might have become slightly luguber, but for sure much more interesting and funny! Great work by Joshua Schneider.


Saturated colours, obscure classical music and highly artistic.. Has Wes Anderson turned into the art of gif?

This could easily be the title animation for the next Anderson movie. CalArts, school of video really exposed their experimental character for their latest animation program promo video. The clip is frame by frame oil painted by Josh Schaffner.

Back to Commercial

What it really boils down to is can we use it for commercial work..? Off course you can and Belgium telecom provider BASE has proven it for us.

Nowadays we’re non-stop staring at our phones. Instead of patronising, BASE fully embraces it. Better yet, they’re losing their minds with crazy offers. Maybe the execution is a bit overdone, but it surely shows its potential. Concept by DDB Brussels and directed by Odin Saille through Wenneker.

The Love for Gif

I’ve expressed my love for gif-animations in an earlier edition. Keep in the loop and enjoy the previous sets of never-ending loops.

Last Week

Music delivers easily said half of the total experience. The next set of commercials pulled out all the stops. Turn up the volume and enjoy these audio based commercials.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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