Enzo’s Monday Motion #158: Audio Driven

Music delivers easily said half of the total experience. The next set of commercials pulled out all the stops. Turn up the volume and enjoy the music.

Chicken or the Egg?

There’s no discussion needed for the first video by Marcin Nowrotek. The Polish motion designer, inspired by Maciej Obara’s “Sleepwalker”, used lumetric filmmaking technique RGB+D (like the Xbox Kinect) for his 3D animation.
Heads up: the magic start after the first 20 seconds.

Like the jazz piece itself, it’s experimental and interesting at the same time. I love the colour pallet and the camera pans make everything flow brilliantly into each other.

Masters of Pasta

The devil is in the details. This goes as well for cooking as (audio)design.

Even though the shots and the pace are beautiful, the real hero is most definitely the music. It’s very understandable from a conceptual point of view, but this would just as easily work without the tennis master himself. Props to the tasty foley design by KLOAQ.

It’s Wartime

Sound can’t only intensify an add, it can totally change its context.

I have to start off by giving massive props to the concept by JWT and visual work by director Steve Cope and Rattling Stick. The target audience will feel so understood, it will give them a push to buy this product. Visually it’s interesting from the first beat thanks to the work of sound designer Joshua Wallington.


BBC is celebrating the 70th year of the NHS with a season of programmes which will take an in-depth look at the service, how it works and how it needs to change.

Production agency Rattling Stick is on a roll with their second presence. The BBC in-house creatives came up with a simple but strong concept directed by Andy Parkman. Personally, I think the execution could be a bit more interesting. I see they’ve focussed on the sound (NHS) as the hero, but it’s a bit too dull for the eye if you would ask me. Then again perhaps this is also the general mode of the NHS: day in day out tirelessly taking care of the people.

Smart Sound

As said before sound can intensify a scene, but on a technical perspective, it can also help you with the editing pace. This extra layer of information gives us faster feedback than our eyes can see (at least in my extremely nearsighted case ;-).

A random day in a random city, but so recognisable for a whole nation. A smart script written by Phil Martin, directed by Simon Ratigan, produced by HLA.

Volume Up

Continue to the second edition of audio driven spots over here.

Last Week

As my favourite director Quentin Tarantino would say: ‘Personality goes a long way’. Advice that is food for thought for these five tasty spots.



Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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