Enzo’s Monday Motion #155: Brand Films

In every commercial you do not only promote the product (or service), you also pitch the brand’s belief, style, and motivation. The next spots are skipping the product-part and go full on to branding.

Four times nothing

Audi is on a mission which is all about nothing, or to put in their words logo: four times zero.

With the damage caused by Volkswagen, Audi realizes more than ever that we define our future by the choices we make today. If you manage to embed your 87-year-old logo into your vision of the future you know you’ve got a strong starting point. Shifting their focus to the people and their environment is a smart choice. Beautiful build up with strong shots, composition, and edit. Nice concept by Selmore, produced by Bonkers and directed by Bram Schouw.

Great characters make Great Drama

England’s oldest commercial network, ITV has produced its share of drama shows. From comedies to detectives they’ve always been focussing on one key feature: great characters.

ITV pulled a ‘Franky Underwood’ with an interesting character that speaks directly to the viewer. Together with quality scenery, grading, and music they manage to put their mouth where their money is. Directed by James Marsh for agency Uncommon, produced by Pulse Films.

No One Trick Pony

Production agency STATE doesn’t like to be judged by a (single) style. With their heritage, they simply know they will nail it.

STATE delivered a sweet mash-up between a mission statement and a showreel. In explicit words, they tell you what to expect. You can only get away with this if you deliver and they’ve been doing so for the past decade. For me, they represent a Boutique BUCK which has to be on your speed dial.

The Future is now

AutoStore stands for the future of robotic warehousing. Maybe this video isn’t so far fetched after all…

Elegance, souplesse, and care for storing is what sticks to my mind. Nice to see that you don’t always need a voice over to convey your message. Big up for the folks at Tendril and directors Chris Bahry, Nicolas Girard, and Rafael Ruiz.

The future is Build

With a subtle sneer to Apple and the political administrations, they try to set themselves apart. They did however pay close attention to the path of their current president: shift your focus (back) to the common man. I love how they managed to squeeze in a subtle reference to the show that lifted Bryan Cranston’s career. Great production with ditto cast in front and behind the camera (Ian Pons Jewell and The Mill).

Last Week

If you truly want to connect to your customer, you have to be one swipe away. Six brands who plug their product through apps.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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