Enzo’s Monday Motion #154: App Commercials

If you truly want to connect to your customer, you have to be one swipe away. Six brands who plug their product through apps.

The Classic Approach

Thumbtack connects home experts and other professionals to individuals for every house related job you keep on postponing.

A classic example of a well-animated infomercial where simplification not only explains the solution, it also strengthens the simplicity and handiness of the app. Directed by Adam Glickfield, produced by studio Very True Story and animated by Allen Laseter and Vance Reeser.

One Step Smarter

Even though the first example feels slick and strong, it doesn’t score high on originality. The next app already made a (small) step by thinking in the right medium with a (better) matching aspect ratio,

First of: the goal of the app is sincerely good. It’s also smart by lifting up the message with a close to heart messenger. Animation wise it all looks very nice, which I would expect from a spot directed by Giant Ant.

The only comment I have is about the live-action opening. The transition is sweet, but the quality of it is very poor. Since it’s the opening shot it undervalues the whole product, which is a shame. Concept by Commonwealth // McCann for Chevy.

All In

If you think big, you can win big. Swedish digital entertainment King took their card games app to the telly and went all in with a high-end campaign.

The creatives at WCRS didn’t focus on the illustrative styling, nor the concept of the roaring twenties. The spot focusses on the general feature of the web: connecting people around the globe, turning a simple card game with your grandmother into a surprising act with strangers from all over the globe. It instantly elevates the look and feel of the game. The tricky thing is the expectation management once playing. A gamble on its self produced by Blink Productions and director Los Perez for King.


If you don’t have the budget, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and add some live action to your video. The creators of the minimalistic, but highly addictive game ‘DOTS’ turned their game in real life with a little help of their befriended professional BMXer Nigel Sylvester.

For sure this isn’t a sales nor an explaining video. The creators surprisingly chose a branding video that focusses on the core of the game-philosophy: Play Beautifully. Thus strengthening the bond with their existing audience and (hopefully) turn them into ambassadors. A refreshing approach by director Samy Mosher, produced by Stink films.

Focus on the Core

The perfect scenario for an add is if you capture the vibe and explain (the core) of the product at the same time. Creatives Anna Gladwin and Chris Fugallo did a very nice job with their commercial for the Laundrapp.

Using (fresh) laundry as your main character is as simple as smart. They tackled the spacious feeling of the flat stop motion very well. But for me the biggest win is in the whole idea: the app makes you focus on the fun stuff. A spot that sticks, explains and convinces at the same time. Directed by Markus Meedt, produced by The Kitchen and animated by Quentin Haberham.

Real Connection

NikeConnect technology is a great example of bringing the physical and digital world closer together. Fans can simply tap with their smartphone on their jersey to get all the latest info of their team.

Nike wins on the short and long term with this campaign: instantly selling more clothing while receiving real-time data from their customers’ whereabouts and preferences. Not to forget portraying themselves as the number one innovative sports brand. The director and DoP perfectly translated the real-time feeling with freehand shots, quick edits, and close-ups. This is how you keep ahead of the pack.

Last Week

Not that we ever cut down on our Netflix-addiction, but these dark days scream for even more tv-time. This edition is dedicated to the part that Netflix loves to skip for us: the TV Title sequence.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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