Enzo’s Monday Motion #150: Visual Effects

Your wildest fantasies come true thanks to these Gods of Special Effects: six super slick VFX spots which will blow your mind.

This is not a Brick

Who hasn’t played with LEGO… Still grown-ups tend to loose their imagination. The all-time favourite toy brand reminds us that a little piece of bright plastic isn’t just a tiny brick…

LEGO doesn’t only have thousands of employees for the manufacturing, it also has over 500 employees just for advertising. The in-house agency delivered this beautiful spot with a little hand of the VFX teams of M2 Film, Outpost VFX, Tippett Studio and Goodbye Kansas Studios. I also like the sound design where the classics from Johann Strauss are perfectly mixed with fresh sound effects, thus fully embodying the brand. An inspiring spot directed by Anders Walter.

The Beauty of Change

Ford did a proper upgrade for their Focus model. A fresh approach that cocooned into a new model.

The concept Ogilvy UK is human-centric and focusses on transformation. Also, this commercial has chosen a rather classical (and popular) soundtrack. In this case, giving it more elegance and style. The group of butterflies is not only an elegant way to from the car, it also matches their pay off ‘together we go further’.

The World Is Your Playground

Holidays are not only to relax, they are also to charge. And what better way to trigger this sensation, than by your wild imagination.

The concept by AMV BBDO encourages people to view ánd visit the world with wonder, playfulness, and openness. The spot smartly strings together many different holiday types, from family trips to all-out crazy Vegas trips. Directed by Dante Ariola and VFX by a52.

Imagine Where We Can Take You

We swop flights from Virgin to EasyJet. A similar brand with a similar concept.

Where Virgin embraces the bizarre, EasyJet makes everything more dreamy and soft. Both of the soundtracks enforce this mindset. I’m particularly impressed by all the scene transitions and compositions. Big up for DoP Eric Gautier and of course the direction by The Sacred Egg, VFX by MPC, and concept by VCCP. The making of) is almost a must the watch.

Houston, We have A Problem

An empty (or uninspiring) fridge is something we all cope with. Even astronauts… Luckily for them, there’s still the international space center in Houston.

With a feature film feel, Aldi is luring the younger audience. I have to say that if every Aldi supermarket is illuminated with this fine darkish light, it would attract way more people. Agency Oliver Voss was assisted with the VFX of Bacon X and Dutch, award-winning director Bart Timmer. If you have a lot of time, you can watch the slightly slow paced behind the scenes. If you scrub towards 01:00 you can see how they’ve made the astronauts floating.

Inside Joke

This last video is more of an inside joke for 3D motion designers and VFX geeks. These artists tend to see only their computer screen and hardly any actual daylight.

This beautiful personal project comes from the hands and many mouse clicks of VFX artist Tomin. Big fan…!

Last Week

December is all about Christmas. Check out my most favourite edition where I look back at some brilliant Christmas Campaigns (and I’m not talking about the usual suspects).

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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