Enzo’s Monday Motion #149: Xmas Countdown 2018

Maybe my most favourite edition of the year: The Xmas Countdown! I skip the usual suspect (aka John Lewis and Sainsbury) and go straight to the lesser viewed ones from Australia to Finland.

Start with a bang

British supermarket retailer ASDA brings Christmas home with everything you need.

I think director Agustín Alberdi is a Star Wars geek looking at the Wookies walking around the spot. Simply over the top filled with classics like ‘Baby, Please Come Home’ by Darlene Love
and that’s what Christmas is all about. Created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO.

Christmas Wishes

The end of the year is always hectic and not only at home. Finnish retailer Stockmann shows that a young girl’s Christmas wish can come true.

The commercial is lovely styled and the squirrel ditto animated. Maybe the grade is a bit thick, but like I just said: Christmas is the drag queen of holidays so let’s go all out! Directed by Magnus Renfors and produced by Hobbyfilm.

Christmas Fool

Everybody wants a perfect Christmas with their family, but we all know that always something goes wrong.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could blame someone for all the Christmas fuck ups? Agency ‘The & Partnership’ thought the same thing and came up with a character that feels like the love baby of a Gremlin and Harry Potter’s Dobby. If you add heavyweight director Ian Pons Jewell to the equation you know you have a solid spot.

Christmas Crash

Even Santa sometimes runs out of luck. This year he crashed his sleigh in the middle of the Australian outback.

It’s a bit of an unusual spot but then again so is celebrating Christmas in the Australian summer. Next to the tiny flaws, an unexpected Christmas guest is just around the corner. Credits for BMF and Aldi Australia not serving us a traditional spot. Directed by Hamish Rothwell, produced by Goodoil Films.

The gift that keeps on giving

Why stress out during December for all the gifts, when you can receive them all year long…!

American department store TK Maxx lures the consumers with their never-ending stocking. I like how the turned a simple sock into a lovable pet which really becomes part of the family. Smart move by adding ‘Love Actually’ star Bill Nighy as a voice over. His familiar warm British voice makes it traditional instead of fake and commercial American. Concept by Wieden+Kennedy, directed by Nick Ball and produced by Blink.

Christmas Carol 2.0

If Charles Dickens would have had current technology, he would have written it exactly like this. Well… he could have…

That’s what I call an upgrade! Love it from concept to execution. Brilliant work from AMV BBDO, directed by Andreas Nilsson and produced by Biscuit for Currys PC World.

Last Week

The more the merrier! Six commercials filled with a variety of animation styles.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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