Enzo’s Monday Motion #148: Real Mash Up #3

The more the merrier! Six commercials filled with a variety of animation styles.

Stop Beating Around The Bush

Libresse continuous their bold and fresh approach in advertisement. The Grand Prix awarded #BloodNormal has a lighter, but worthy sequel.

The spot is a direct result of Libresse’s research how women feel about their genitals. Every woman is different and AMV BBDO translated it with a broad variety of film techniques. Also points for the soundtrack where they went for the original version of Camille Yarbrough and not the (maybe more popular) FatBoy Slim version. Directed by Kim Gehrig and produced by Somesuch & Co.

E for….

Pretty much Everything! Nest excels in intelligent design and communication. Their thermostat is so simple, even a child can control it.

The friendly characters are a joy to watch and their behaviour matches the story. I do think they might went a bit too far in the childish approach. On a more positive note: the new thermostat is so well designed, it blends perfectly in a home environment just like the cuddly characters.

Festival Time

Designer animator Glen Miralles teamed up with Jessica Herrera and Thomas Williams for the Nodefest title animation.

This tiny quest is a joy to watch. The scenes are perfectly stitched with a continuous body motion which blends the different styles even more together. Simply love it!

Tribute Time

Honda sees itself as the dream maker in transportation and I have to say I’m their biggest fan when it comes to commercials! In this example they pay (again) a tribute to the craft of filmmaking. Check out the second ident for the Film on 4 sponsorship.

Where ‘the original’ took on a variety of film genres this short version focusses on (family) adventures. The concept comes again from Wieden+Kennedy London, directed by Mike Skrgatic and James Allen, and produced by Time Based Arts.

Battle Force

Somehow the mash-up style feels for me more Adidas than Nike, but this commercial is pretty dope. Oddfellows designed and directed the teaser for the global event ‘Battle Force’ where sport, art, music, and dance all come together.

When the festival is all about blending, the concept makes perfect sense. Following this year’s theme “process” directors Chris Kelly, Jarratt Moody went back to the fundamentals of creativity focusing on the act of making. A perfect symbiosis between image and sound. Personally I would town done the variety and speed of scenes. Now it feels rushed and you might miss all the eye candy.

Last Week

I’m a sucker for (Christmas) traditions and so are these six brands.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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