Enzo’s Monday Motion #147: Xmas Traditions

Christmas is all about traditions. Some brands are trying to create their own. This Christmas special is dedicated to all the Kevin The Carrots of the world.

The Saga Continuous

After the introduction and romantic love story we follow courageous Kevin protecting his young family against a new arch enemy…

Aldi’s already out of stock with all the merchandising. Is there any better proof of a golden campaign? The star team of McCann UK, directors Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick strikes again. This year they introduced Kevin with a Coca-Cola spoof teaser video. I’m curious how they come back next year…

Very Nice

Online shop Very.co.uk started in 2016 with a Pixar styled Christmas theme around a career minded woman. The sequel focussed on a young protagonist who could easily be her tiny cousin. This time Very tells the complete life story of a rising visionary.

The online retailer focusses on the bigger picture with the tagline “Find the gift that helps them find their gift”. A line that plays with the same double sense as John Lewis’ gifted Elton John. I would love to see the extended edition version, but I guess this year’s budget was a bit too tight for that. Or will they surprise us with a second short this Christmas? Compliments to the core team of St. Lukes, AgainstAllOdds and Passion Animation Studios.


Martin Freeman concurred his love last year with a little help of Vodafone. This year his love (and 4G supplier) make him feel free as never before.

Freeman does what he does best, but the love, attention, and production of last year is nowhere to be seen. Like any relationship, you need to put in the effort and I’m curious if Vodafone can keep the love like this. Concept by Ogilvy UK, directed by Gary Freedman and post-production by MPC.

The Snowman

If there’s one brand that feels at home around Christmas it’s British luxury brand Barbour. In line with their traditional waxed and quilted jackets they build there Christmas campaign again around the classic story of ‘The Snowman’. They kicked off on style with a pencil-drawn spot and continue fully live action.

The role of the waxed coat is this year much more subtle and if you would ask me stronger! Instead of being the present at Christmas, it literary supports the young and bold hero at night pursuing her dream. Smart thinking by The Corner, directed by Roland Kennedy and produced by Iconoclast.

Can you feel it

Let your product do the talking! Easier said than done in the case of Amazon. Lucky Generals successfully introduced the simple and strong concept of talking boxes.

You can never go wrong with a Michael Jackson soundtrack (Jackson Five to be precise in this case). With a more global look and feel Amazon created a nice follow up directed by Fredrik Bond and produced by The Mill.

No place like home

Doris and Edward Bair are retiring in sunny Florida happily avoiding the British showers. Until Christmas comes…

After last years flashback, Heathrow focusses on the present. The story is nicely found. Totally in line with the client and concept wise surprising opening up with a super sunny scenery. Cudo’s to the team of Havas London, director duo DOM&NIC and production Company Outsider.

Last Week

Put on your dancing shoes. It’s time for some swinging spots!

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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