Enzo’s Monday Motion #146: Let’s Dance

Put on your dancing shoes. It’s time for some swinging spots!

One Trick Pony?

Japanese Department store DoClasse kicks of their winter campaign starring their magical thermo coat which is as warm as down without the puff.

The negative effect of doing something really good, is that it attracts clients who’ll ask: I want the exact same thing! This video is a great example of it.

I understand the concept and request by DoClasse’s Creative Director Koji Hokari and also see how director Jon Noorlander and the production team of Method slightly altered the new version. On itself a beautiful match, but I can imagine Noorlander wants to avoid becoming a one trick pony.

Put on your dancing shoes

BBC hit program ‘Strictly come dancing’ usually kicks off with an ident filled with dancing celebrities. In line of Channel 4’s ‘The Great British Bake Off’ they took the more conceptual road.

As usual BBC’s in-house agency delivers the concept and hands it over to a production team + director. Sam Brown and Rogue Films created the final product with the use of real dancers (former Strictly dancers Anya Garnis and Trent Whiddon) and some CGI magic by The Mill.

Brown simplified the concept by sticking to one scene and added a theatrical feeling which breaths ‘Singing in the rain’ (and maybe a touch of Micheal Jacksons’ ‘Billie Jean‘). As usual The Mill delivered feature film quality effects by removing the dancers, their shadows and adding big personality to the shoes. The ident perfectly sums up the core of the program where two unlikely pairings come together and create magic. See it all come to live in the making of video.

Seriously Stop!

Dancing is expressing emotion, and that includes the less happy themes. Gun violence is now the second leading cause of death for American children. On average, 47 American children are shot everyday and three million children experience gun violence every year. American organisation for gun control ‘Moms Demand Action’ partnered up with the National Dance Institute for a new campaign.

For the non hardcore dance fans the video is a tad long. Missing the end means missing the message. There for it would be interesting if they could embed the message somehow sooner. Still beautiful choreography by James Alsop, dancing by students & staff of National Dance Institute and direction by Ezra Hurwitz.

Bring colour to life

Shake off the sadness and enjoy the colourful spirit of The Seaweed Sisters.

Besties (not sisters) Megan Lawson, Jillian Meyers & Dana Wilson created, choreographed and performed on the video directed by by Angela and Ithyle. If director Jon Noorlander is pressured for a third edition, he should work together with these ladies who take the inflatable suits to the next level.

Pirouetting Polar Bears

I conclude with another British program ‘Dancing on Ice’. Not a personal favourite, but I do love how they borrowed Coca Cola’s ice bear and seduced him for some Bambi dancing.

The CGI by studio Goodbye Kansas stands for it self, but I’m even a bigger fan for the soundtrack – story match. All the scenes are spot on. Another example where a star cast (from singer Andy Williams, to the motion captured figure skaters) deliver. Directed by Kirk Hendry at Hush for ITV Creative.

Last Week

Be quick! IDFA is about to close. Check out my personal top 10 and run to the box office.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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