Enzo’s Monday Motion #145: IDFA 2018

We’re a few days away from the world’s biggest documentary festival. As usual, I’ve shortened the 300+ IDFA list into my personal top 10.

1. New Programs

This year IDFA introduces two new programs: Frontlight and Luminous. The genres are filled with eye-opening perspectives on the current state of global affairs ánd have their world premiere.

My favourite in the latter program is the story of 18-year-old Irma ‘The Butterfly’ Testa. Even though she’s the first Italian female ever to compete in the Olympics, everybody expects nothing less than a gold medal.

2. Frontlight

The rise of fake news and government cover ups sparked an international group of investigative journalists revealing the truth. With common tools like Google Earth and YouTube dashcam films, they help reconstruct tragic events like the MH17 crash. ‘Bellingcat – Truth in a Post-Truth World’ proofs the power of the collective.

Tip: missed out on this film? NPO2 will broadcast this documentary on Tuesday 20 November at 20:25.

3. Music

The British label Trojan Records, specialised in Ska, Rocksteady, and Reggae tells not only a musical story, but also depicts the political history of Jamaican immigrants in the early 60s. Through adventures of musicians, producers, and others nostalgic figures in the scene the documentary tells the story that brought the black and white community closer together.

4. Sport

Somehow mountaineering docs always reach the top of my list. The combination of mesmerizing nature shots and adrenaline rushed experiences guarantees a good story. The directors of ‘Meru’ return to the majestic wall ‘El Capitan’ for the free climb edition. Whoever finishes this trailer without sweating hands has to check their pulse.

5. Human Interest

Who hasn’t received an email where they were asked for a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity, or maybe the love of his, or her life. ‘Sakawa’ shows the fraudulent activities from the perspective of the Ghanaian perpetrators, raising questions that the film doesn’t need to ask explicitly.

6. Conspiracy

What’s IDFA without a proper conspiracy theory! Everybody has the chance to find their doppelganger, but not many of us can say it turns out to be your twin brother, let alone triplets… the romantic story takes a tragic turn when more facts rise to the surface.

7. Netherlands

There’s always extra room for local products. Especially when it takes place on such picturesque Dutch landscapes. Stijn is one of the last remaining Dutch shepherds working in the traditional way. A job that is threatened with extinction, but not if it’s up to Stijn.

8. War time

Twenty years after the Yugoslav Wars Anja Kofmel investigates the tragic end of Swiss war reporter Christian Würtenberg. Did he actually join the armed forces fighting against the Serbian side or was he a civilian casualty of war? Kofmel blends interviews with old footage and sinister black-and-white animations.

9. Underground

It’s hard to place this film that takes place underneath a European city. The subway is portrayed as an abstract labyrinth of tunnels backed up by a feature film-like soundtrack. As if Stanley Kubrick brings light to the world that normally stays hidden.

10. Interactive

The best thing of the interactive programme is you don’t need to sit still and it’s freely accessible! This year’s DocLab is all about food. Humanoid Cookbook gathers 13 interactive films: create your own dishes from artificial intelligence or enjoy the flavours of Iraq. As always in the cultural centre ‘De Brakke Grond’.

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Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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