Enzo’s Monday Motion #143: Safety Videos

In flight safety videos are more like testscreens than the latest blockbuster you were dying to see. The next set of airlines were finally paying attention (to you)! Fasten your seatbelts and get amazed by these five thrilling safety videos.

The Stylish Approach

Let’s kick of with the safest, but then again also the most stylish upgrade of the boring safety video for American Airlines.

I assume director by Jeff Tremaine took a good look at the OK Go music videos and possibly also this classic Audi spot by Sehsucht.

I have to agree with the choice for mirrors. They not only work well aesthetically, but are also very practical while explaining the life vest strapping. This example also shows the tricky part in mirrors. The composition quickly gets confusing if you add to many objects (in this case to stewards) into the shot. Over all a well executed video designed by Ethan Tobman and choreographed by Wilderness.

Air Force One

Air New Zealand might be a small airline, but when it comes to safety videos their the biggest bird in the air. I’m not showing the already legendary Lord of the Rings video, nor the sequel. For this edition we fly over to Hollywood.

The creatives of the previous videos were again on board this production (Ad Agency True, director Steve Saussey and creatives Craig Pethybridge and Ian Sweeney).

I love how they take complete freedom in storytelling and duration. It proves that as long as you can captivate the audience, time and even topic are not an issue. No person was casted by accident: the lead actor is (of course) a Kiwi who became famous with the show ‘Flight of the Concords’, all flight attendants are are actual Air New Zealand crew members and even Chester the Chihuahua has multiple films like Transformers under his collar.

This video alone make me want to book a flight to New Zealand…..

More Mash Ups

The Hollywood concept is a beloved theme amongst safety videos. Virgin Atlantic took inspiration of many film classics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, James Bond, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and Alice in Wonderland.

London based studio Art & Graft won the pitch for the video and they sure delivered. The different chapters keep it continuously fresh I love the beautiful choreography. Directed by Clement Bolla and Mike Moloney


in (e)learning gamification is not a trend anymore but a must. Delta Airlines added an All Star team to the mix and served an explainer filled with mini games.

On a motion perspective: the animations look a bit clumsy but then again this emphasises the arcade style. Better yet it makes totally sense: after the instruction you could actually start playing the complete set of mini games! No flight was ever more prepared than this one. Concept by Wieden+Kennedy NYC and produced by Mi.


I don’t know how many people needed to approve this concept, but in the end everybody signed of. Turkish Airlines managed to seduce the LEGO cast to move from the big screen to the tiny airplane ones.

The biggest compliment I can give this in flight video is that it doesn’t feel like one at all. I’m simply watching a new short of the LEGO enterprise with the expected humor and edit pace. According to Turkish Airlines it took them over 900 days, 2.9 million LEGO stones en 9.6 million CPU(render) hours to finish the 973 animations. Talking about true dedication….

Last Week

Get your paper, scissors and glue: it’s time for some paper motion. Five diverse spots unfold.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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