Enzo’s Monday Motion #142: Paper Motion #2

Get your paper, scissors and glue: it’s time for some paper motion. Five diverse spots unfold.

A world of extremes

The new MINI Countryman is so spacious and versatile, you can fit an ocean in there.

Stop-motion animator Kirsten Lepore was responsible from concept to production. With 20 types of high-grade paper and a plexiglass overlay she created the mesmerising underwater world which was all shot inside the trunk of a MINI Countryman. Besides the focus on space and adventure, the brand identifies itself with craftsmanship and creativity.

MINI delivered a second spot for this introduction campaign. Motion duo Nix + Gerber got inspired by outer space. With these two extremes stories, MINI proves its versatility.

Refreshing Mix

French animation film school La Poudrière gives it students a yearly theme. Last year it was all about bad weather. Enjoy Iulia Voitova’s one minute interpretation.

I love Iulia’s refreshing mix of painted and layered paper. It gives the animation a dynamic and surprising character. An animator to keep your eye on.

Breaking Free

Where Voitova smartly picks her layers, Samsung totally breaks free from the flat surface.

Samsung wanted to attract a younger audience and chose the road of skateboarding. DoP Malcolm Hadley took a good look at the skate and snowboard scene, using a variation of wide angles and fish eye / close up shots. The insane origami motion was executed by Antony Farquhar Smith. Concept by Th1ng, direction by The Queen.

Hand picked

Direction and animation duo Burcu & Geoffrey were given carte blanche to tell the fabrication process of Freitag.

Playing around with perspective and throwing it in the mix with dry humor works well. It doesn’t only show the heritage of the bags, but more importantly the precise picking and styling of every product.

Buon Appetito

France is not the only country with good animation schools. Michaela Mihalyiová delivered a fun short at the FAMU in Prague.

Mihalyiová exploited the power of paper to its fullest. The short shows craftsmanship and character. Like any technique paper motion also has it flaws. In this case the vulnerability of paper. Disposable metal barbecue plates gave her the desired detail level and control in animation. Smart thinking!

Up for seconds?

If you’re still hungry, continue over here.

Last Week

Nowadays everything is video, so as a company just a logo isn’t enough. What better place to find inspiration for idents than networks and broadcasting agencies. From BBC2 to ESPN youth: five examples of great rebranding.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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