Enzo’s Monday Motion #140: Football Fans

Football has always been for the fans, but in these commercials they play an essential part.

Feel it all

To kick off the season pay per view channel Sky Sports shows the eagerness of every (hardcore) football fan.

Even though the concept is a complete rip off, it does fit the service well. Director Sam Brown uses humor and some fresh grading to make it fit more to the family vibe of Sky. Produced by Rogue Films.

Missing out

If there’s one moment you don’t want to miss it’s the (winning) goal.

The beer brand claims that people are quickly distracted (by their cellphones) and urges everyone to live in the moment. A strong statement which isn’t really back up by the given examples. I do have to give credit to the casting (including the brilliant face of Pirlo). Concept by Publicis Italy, directed by MEGAFORCE and produced by Iconoclast Paris.

The Prophecy

Every four years we see different reenactments of the World Cup classic ‘Hand of God’. Mexican beer brand Tecate booked Maradona in the ‘off season’ of 2016 with one of the best translations I’ve ever seen.

Creative agency Nomades bumped up Maradona to the big man’s chair and I have to say he does look good in white. The epic spot checks many boxes with a nicely build op story, humor and matching grade. A masterpiece directed by Rodrigo Garcia Saiz and produced by Central Films.

Make History

We stay in the summer of 2016 where Ireland qualified for the third time in it’s history for the European Cup. We follow the proud fans on their quest for success.

The commercial, created by by Boys and Girls, evokes hope, positivity and stays true to the Irish vibe. I predict a similar exhilaration next time The Netherlands qualify. Fingers crossed for 2020.


For the first time ever EA Sports has the rights of the Champions League and they share this fact with pride.

The energetic style of the spot feels fresh and raw like Adidas and that’s not a bad reference to have. Concept by Adam & Eve/DDB, directed by Brthr and produced by Riff Raff / Passion Pictures.

Last Blog

A true storyteller is one who tells a convincing story with only the bare minimal. Enjoy the last edition of Lines and Dots.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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