Enzo’s Monday Motion #137: Transitions #2

From mini spot to feature film; every story revolves around a journey. There’s more to it than simply stitching chapters or scenes together. Six examples of transitions that make all the difference.

Summer of Sports

This sportive summer continuous after the World Cup with European Championships of athletics. BBC is again on board and delivered another sweet promo.

Production agency Picnic Studio took their inspiration from vintage travel posters and connected all the locations together like one big relay race. The art work was created by Tom Purvis and Leo Marfurt, directed by Liam O’Connor.

Little Things

Director duo Mario Hugo & Sam Mason paid a tribute to the Sesame Street song “Little Things” (for the impatient ones skip the first 45 seconds of introduction).

If Willy Wonka had an artistic brother, his world would look pretty much like this. Similar to the introduction, the video has a slow (but steady) pace, giving the viewer the chance to enjoy every little detail available. I’m am curious if the video might be stronger if you would cut out the majority of the intro. Then again: good things take patience and time.

A Continuous Journey

British broadcaster UKTV wanted to extend their ident set with a promo that focused on continuous journey, so Ink and Giants studio went back to work.

With only four scenes they managed to cover the four seasons and the majority of landscapes. The ‘W’ in the summer shot does reveil the 3D work a bit too much, but over all it looks pretty realistic.

Luck number 7

To celebrate their seventh anniversary Polyester Studio brought a lovely odeto the number 7.

This is no luck, but pure skills. Mark this studio whenever you’re up for sweet and smooth cel animation.

Ways of Seeing

Canvas is an Arts Council bringing together art and (young) spectators. They teamed up with Robert Wallace to promote the BALTIC Centre museum.

Wallace is an all round artist who created (besides the music by Skillbard) the whole video by himself. His aim was to reimagine the gallery into a living entity. With playful shapes and colours he combines the world around and areas within the museum.


Freelance network Upwork sells their skill with this slick spot by Gentleman Scholar.

The visuals are really stunning and the examples (by agency Duncan Channon) pretty funny. I do have one big issue and that’s the pace of the voice over. The pauses are too long. Perhaps the stories are to long, but most probably the animation takes too much time. A case of less is more.

Transit to #1

Continue to the first edition of transitions over here.

Last Week

Craving for some motion? You’re lucky, because it’s snack time.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

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