Enzo’s Monday Motion #136: Snack Time

Craving for some motion? You’re lucky, because it’s snack time!

The Return of Peperami

Taste can become a nice to have when you’re really dying for a snack. A quality the classic BiFi sausage relies on. After 4 years their mascotte Peperami returns on the small screen in horror style.

The tagline “Come on, what are you made of?” is actually pretty interesting for a vague sausage. Enough about the taste. The motion by Partizan Animation is finger licking good! The directors Rick and Mario, who earned their credits with the Gorillaz animations truly show their skills. I wonder if the creatives at Atomic tried to get buy a role in Seth Rogan’s Sausage Fest. They have my blessing if there ever comes a sequel.

KFC’s Kittens

What happens when you combine (a less sadistic version of) the feature film Untraceable and youtube cat videos..?. KFC has the answer.

With every live-stream share KFC would add another kitten in the play yard. A promise they didn’t completely stick to (due to the desired attention). The live stream event proves that there is nothing to crazy or far fetched for Colonel Sanders. No kittens where harmed on set. In fact KFC helped these shelter kittens find a new home along the way. Concept by Wieden & Kennedy Portland

The Ultimate Snack Test

What if you want to snack a tiny bit healthier? Kraft convinces you to create your own snacks with the ultimate snack test.

Kraft is a strong believer in home made healthy snacks. Taxi Canada delivered the concept for the spot directed by Daniel Pommella. I was surprised that everything was created in 3D. Big up for the people at Tendril.


One more healthy snack before we return the real stuff. Sunbites produces healthy corn based snacks with a little bit of help of the sun.

The best ingredient of these snacks is Buck. They used their full pallet of animation tastes including stop motion, 2D cel animation and 3D. I’m always hungry for more when it comes to their work.

Be careful what you wish for

Some things look so logical, it’s strange you haven’t thought about it earlier. Name me a better tiny, bold, grumpy actor who can play M&M’s red….

M&M returned to the Super Bowl after an absence of three years. BBDO New York came up with a fairly bold spot for the otherwise sweet brand. Curious if there’s a director’s cut somewhere with an alternate (less friendly) ending. Let’s ask director by Wayne McClammy!


Need help choosing? The answer is just one coin flip away.

If there’s one man to credit we can skip the coin flip: Christian Schilling who wrote, directed and edited the spot. With a 50/50 answer you quickly end up with symmetrical composition. I guess borrowing a bit of Wes Anderson is a small step. It does suit the spot very well though. Concept by Filmakademie Baden-Wurttemberg.

Hungry for more?

If these snacks didn’t fill you appetite, check out the menu of main courses.

Last Week

Personal stories are at its best delivered by the protagonist self. The main question is how to capture the moment that has passed. Six different interpretations underneath captivating interviews.

Enzo Greco is Motion Director at Born05.

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Enzo Greco

Enzo is motion director van Born05 en schrijver van het blog Enzo's Monday Motion. Vimeo

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