Enzo’s Monday Motion #134: Set Design

To fix or not fix in it post… There is no question.
Even though CGI can (re)create anything you want, there are still enough directors who prefer capturing everything on lens. This edition is dedicated to all set designers and visual effects artists.

A different perspective

ING’s Business Boost brings entrepreneurs together to find new perspectives on their business and open their eyes to different solutions.

By using real effects, JWT Amsterdam emphasises smartly a couple of things: ING isn’t talking about future (CGI-style) visions, but is meaning business. Second it gives a personal and human approach. The same attitude they want to propagate towards potential clients. And last but not least: it keeps things simple and straightforward, the typical Dutch way. This visual trickery is the work of Holy Fools and directed by André Maat.

That reminds me of something!

The expanding painting shot from the previous video, most probably reminds you of Apple’s HomePod commercial directed by Spike Jonze. For who’s curious: the Dutch version aired three months earlier, but I guess Apple’s pre-production goes back even further.

For those who’ve seen the spot multiple times, go straight to the making of (the set design part start at 3:15).

There has been written a lot about this Cannes Grand Prix winning spot. Today I want to focus on the people who created the set. First of art director Cicilio Perez who delivered the concept for the realtime moving sets. Maybe more impressive was the job of production designer Christopher Glass who delivered what Perez promised. They’ve made it possible that the set wasn’t only there as a prop, but actually taking part in the whole choreography. I would love to see a feature film created buy these guys…

Get Ready

From one massive set to another. Dollar Shave Club wants their members to know that they can get the tools and products they need. No matter when or how.

Fun fact of the Dollar Shave Club is that every campaign they’ve every made, was concepted in house. They’re not the only one with an in-house agency, but still it’s very interesting to see that some brands see PR as part of their production process.

Of course they still need the help on different parts, like the set design. Production Company MJZ was in the lead of creating the immense amount of sets, which look very convincing. Together with director Steve Ayson and DoP Peter Quinn they delivered another great spot which is true to the brand: don’t take yourself too serious and supply your customer what he actually needs.

One more fun fact: as always founder and CEO Michael Dubin starred in the spot (check out his morning ritual at 02:38).

I’ll Be Back!

It’s plain and simple: anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger is great! Even if the spot is for The Financial Conduct Authority of the UK.

Electric Theatre Collective created all the visual effects for this spot. Arnie isn’t perfect, but that also adds to the 90s feeling. Rest of the production was in hands of Hunkydory and the direction was done by Luc Schurgers.

Out of Office

It’s that time of the year when everyone else is on a holiday and you’re still working. Burger King Belgium created something brilliant and useful of the annoying out of office reply mail.

When it comes to concept Qantas Airlines has beaten the burger company. In execution and style it’s of course a totally different project. The visual effects by Narrativ Nation are as simple as convincing. Nice spot directed by Théodore Bonnet and produced by VOIR.

Last Week

I do love my classics. And what’s better than mixing them up! What do you get when you mix Automotive and Animals…?

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