Enzo’s Monday Motion #133: Animotion

I do love my classics. And what’s better than mixing them up! What do you get when you mix Automotive and Animals…?

The Comeback

If Tyrannosaurus Rex survived the the meteorite rain, they still would come short handed in today’s world. Audi shows it in this short documentary.

Although comedy isn’t the usual path for Audi, the spot by ad Agency Razorfish does stick to the main theme: “Vorsprung durch Technik”. The character is well chosen and so are the modern day examples (including abstract ones like performance pressure and depression). It makes the story credible and, more importantly, delivers a setup where Audi can save the day. Directed by Stephan Wever and VFX & by Sehsucht Hamburg.

Who’s laughing now…

If there’s one car brand who adores animals it has got to be Volkswagen. The only odd thing is that this spot doesn’t feature their faithful four-legged friend. It instantly puts high tension on the man-animal relation.

Of course there was no spot without the concept of Grabarz & Partner, but the success lays in the hands of VFX artists at Bacon X. Showing off a new car feature is only convincing if you actually do it in real life. And deliver they did. Big up!


What’s more perfect than the best city car? Right, an electrical city car.

In The States everything is big. Not really the strong suit of a Smart. You can always go over the top with your commercials! Leave that up to acclaimed director Ian Pons Jewell. A smart choice by BBDO Berlin, who delivered a second mini spot where a piñata comes to live. All VFX executed by Time Based Arts.

Night Sounds

We leave comedy and head towards the night where Land Rover introduces its new model Velar.

Personally the spot could end when the car returns into the night. I can imagine the client wants a solid productshot for an introduction campaign. Even though the car looks really amazing, it’s not the star of the show. All the credits go to production company Gorgeous delivering beautiful shots of REAL animals. Another welcome chance to all the CGI violence. Concept by Spark 44, directed by Chris Palmer.

Bedtime Story

We end big with a Super Bowl spot where Mercedes retells the fable of the turtle and the hare.

I wouldn’t quickly attach the word trickery to Mercedes. Actually a Mercedes is 9 out of 10 times the stronger opponent! Having said that, the spot looks of a Pixar level and is a joy to watch. Not a surprise if you see what’s under the production hood: director Robert Stromberg and production agency MPC who together have won their share of Oscars.

Last Week

The selfie loving world also reaches creatives and production agencies. In their defence: what better way to capture an emotional rollercoaster! It’s face time in the next six spots.

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Enzo Greco

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