Enzo’s Monday Motion #132: Face Time

The selfie loving world also reaches creatives and production agencies. In their defence: what better way to capture an emotional rollercoaster! It’s face time in these next six spots.

A Brighter Black Mirror

Amazon Prime is ‘learning’ from it’s biggest competitor and serving similar shows. Where Black Mirror foresees a dark future, Electric Dreams is slightly more positive. The new science fiction show is based on short stories by Philip K. Dick (known for Blade Runner, Total Recall and Minority Report) and airs exclusively on Amazon Prime.

The teaser brings back several classic science fiction films. The main character could be the sibling of Ex Machina and her brain is filled with wires as if she is plugged into The Matrix. I like how they created the softer, dreamy vibe with the right music and red-purple-ish lighting. Great work by We Are Royale.

What’s (not) in a name

Don’t be fooled by it’s name: London based studio Analog serves top of the bill VFX animation. In this particular case they explored to possibilities of lifelike CGI.

Analog teamed up with Marshmallow Laser Feast and FBFX Digital for this interesting case study. The latter used 94 high resolution camera’s to capture the model Beryl Nesbitt. The details in the eyes and skin are the best I’ve ever seen. The days of real actors are numbered… Directed by Barney Steele and 3D work by Matt Chandler and Tim Woods.


Golden Wolf produces work on the other end of the spectrum. Their cel animated skills star in the ident for Cartoon Network’s tv show called “The Venture Bros.”.

The ident is part of a series for Adult Swim’s shows. This time the inspiration came from Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo. Directed by Ingi Erlingsson and animated by Jonathan Harris, Toby Garrow and Tom Bunker.

Self Portrait

Emma Allen is a diverse artist who combines (body)painting, sculpting, light and animation. Using her own face as a canvas she created a stop motion story about decay and incarnation.

Allen painted her self over a period of 5 days. Besides the great body paint skills I admire her inventively using her cheaks as a heart beat. Check out her portfolio for more great work.


Rapper Oddisee shares his life struggles in his song “You grew up”. The track traces the lives of people from different backgrounds and how, as they grow up, youthful innocence becomes affected by outside influences like race, religion and economic class.

The video by Belgium illustrator / animators Eugene and Louise is a nice translation from the album cover artwork. Using portrait shots was a smart decision. Not only could they follow the fast flow of the rhymes, it’s also a strong and producing friendly way to tell the story.

Under Influence

Whether it’s caused by fever, mushrooms or the beat, this young man isn’t experiencing a relaxt midnight snack.

The creative mastermind behind this delirious video is Ian Pons Jewell. I feel sorry for the local motion trackers and rotoscope artists. But in the end it was all worth it. What a brilliant video produced by Nion Tokyo.

Last Week

It has been a while since I served my all time favourite production technique: stop motion. Frame by frame fun with the next five shorts.

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Enzo Greco

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