Enzo’s Monday Motion #131: Stop Motion #3

It has been a while since I served my all time favourite production technique: stop motion. Frame by frame fun with the next five shorts.

Run for the Oceans

It’s not clear if Pharrell Williams is behind this latest Adidas concept, but his efforts for a better world have most definitely reached the brands production line. In coöperation with Parley, Adidas produced a shoe that is created from plastic gathered waste.

Psyop director Marco Spier and Golden Wolf CD Ingi Erlingsson leaded the production for this beautiful spot. No doubt they we’re in tears when the BBC stole the show with their animated embroidery teaser.

Where the BBC focusses on heritage and craftsmanship, Adidas aims for diversity and – to say it bluntly – for the hipster youth. It does fit the brand perfectly and with the philanthropic goal they refine their message for the good. Concept by TBWA Amsterdam and lead animation by Thom Eide.

Tea Time

Green meets green in the new soda bottles of Matcha. See how the taste of lime blends with Japanese green tea.

The stop motion spot, directed and animated by Veronika Zacharová, has had an intens digital pre production. The spot was first fully storyboarded and modelled in 3D to get the maximum control over easing and framing. A smart choice since the result looks great.

Size doesn’t matter

If you’re a small station like Travel Channel, it doesn’t mean your TV idents have to be dull or lacking creativity. Animation studio Dog & Rabbit delivered a spot featuring one inch little stars.

All the props and people in this short are 1:76 scale models. Animators Dorota and Andrew smartly brought the tiny characters to live, using big gestures. This short is part of a series which is all available on Vimeo.

Hit after Hit

If I see a headline mentioning new work of animation studio Buck, I know it’s brilliant. The brand Moneysupermarket.com is reaching that level, with original and funny video’s. Their latest is a short music video which will stay in your mind for sure.

I assume the creatives at Mother are roughly the same age as me as most of their spots are based on 80’s and 90’s classics. After He-Man they reached out for another action man. Shout out again for both the client as Hasbro (owner of action man) for this open minded spot. I can’t wait for their next spot…
Until then you can listen to Ce Ce Peniston all day long.

The Artist

Again all the credits for people using a frame by frame storyboard as a placeholder, but some people are born stop motion artist who instantly bring life to props. One of these artists is Alex a.k.a. Gudlies. With merely his desk as his set he created this lovely short ‘Going Fishing’.

What is more to say than follow this man on YouTube. He has got me hooked.

Last Week

From one classic straight to another: Enjoy these seven spots filled with 3D characters.

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Enzo Greco

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