Enzo’s Monday Motion #130: 3D Characters

After my holiday break I return with some fresh motion. Let’s kick of with a classic: characters! Seven different spots, which have one thing in common: all the protagonists are created in 3D.

Pixar Level Short

Software brand Inuit might not sound familiar, but if I tell you that this spot was especially created for the Super Bowl, you know enough. The creators of the Spanish Lottery spot return with another sweet story.

The storyline made me think of Mia & Morton for the Canadian dairy farmers. Both serving a Pixar level product from storyline to character development. Credits to the whole team: directed by Againstallodds and produced by Passion Animation Studios.

Together we find

Are you also constantly searching your keys?? A handy little piece of plastic can help you out. Tile is a Bluetooth-enabled tracking system which kinda works like find-my-Mac. For their first global campaign director Mark Molloy smartly transformed the ‘something’ into ‘someone’ to create a beautiful love story.

Deutsch and Smuggler deliver a top of the bill commercial which which made me think of two other gems: the warm Christmas storyline of John Lewis’ Monty the Penguin blended with the beautiful nature shots and travel vibe of Into the wild. Impressive work directed by Mark Malloy with visual magic by Alt.vfx. Check out the behind the scenes.

Sweet Tinder Love

The dating app tries to give us a history lesson in love or better said the eternal struggle to couple.

There you have it: the expected Buck commercial. No one else masters visual storytelling like them! With smart (returning) compositions and playful, rich characters it’s a joy to watch.

Date Seriously

Buck did an outstanding job, but I can imagine it didn’t take away the shallow sense that comes with the well known app. TrueView is an alternative that claims to serve honest and real profiles.

The animations were produced by Feed Me Light and directed by Marc & Denis Bouyer. Character Concepts by Marc Bouyer.

That Other Uber Service

Where Uber divides their campaigns between drivers and riders, Lyft reaches out to both at the same time. One simply can not live with the other and Lyft is there to bring these two communities together. The following short is created by an Oscar winning team that worked on many Pixar movies. Extra credits for them delivering a unique and fresh style!

To keep the story as convincing and true as possible, director John Kahrs talked to many Lyft drivers. The community influence goes even further: the sound track was composed by an old Lyft driver.

Also on the production part there was a great symbiose: in this case the 2D scenery illustrations (by artist Arthur Chaumay) with the 3D characters (by chromosphere). Thus following the company motto: life is truly better when you share (the ride).

Side Project

Directors duo Alex Deaton & Preston Gibson asked themselves: when life presents challenges, how will you respond? Their short gives the answer.

Maybe not on the same level as the previous spots, but still very entertaining.

From every angle

The final spot has a subtile but important role for 3D characters.

Leo Burnett Brazil found a nice angle for Samsung’s OLED tv that isn’t all about the million bright colours. Directed by Felipe Mansur and prodcued by Alice Filmes.

Last Edition

The World Cup is still going strong. Use these 5 footie campaigns as a warm up for the real deal.

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Enzo Greco

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