Enzo’s Monday Motion #126: Pure Poetry

Do or Do Not.
There is no try….

No words are more inspiring than poems. The next videos are all based upon this literal art form.

Mixed Mondays

Are you living for the weekends, or are you excited for a new week to begin? While questions like ‘chasing dreams’ are very relevant for some, this conversation is a luxury for others. Like homeless people who struggle to survive on a day to day basis. This short examines the coexistence of these two layers of consciousness.

The raw style is fresh and has been extended into every detail. From cel animated doodles, to raw footage and placeholder voice over that feels like the free Google voice. All credits, from concept to sound design go to Yossi Shamrik.

Passion in Plainness

The next video is created by another creative centipede. This personal project by Doug Albers is based upon a poem which reminds us to reflect on our own roots and identity.

The most interesting part for me is not so much what he says, but how he says it. The abstract visual style follows the flow of the voice over. Perfect example of what the French would call C’est la toune qui fait la musique.

Journey = Destination

The Pausefest titel design was originally intended without a voiceover. Until the creator Toros Köse found a piece by T.S. Eliot which explained perfectly the core of the message:

In our world of never ending cycles of discovery, the journey and it’s destination are the same. (an alert for the impatient ones: the magic starts after the first 30 seconds).

Toros Köse mixed his fascinations for cartography and Japanese role playing games into this years Pause fest trailer. I love the tactile and clean feeling. My only problem (due to my impatiences) is the visually slow start. I can see it working perfectly with the over all style.


The Preschool Poets is a series of eight poems composed and performed by preschool-aged kids. Their stories are then interpreted into short films by animation artists around the world. In this specific case artist Nancy Kangas and filmmaker Josh Kun gave life to Penny’s poem, Supergirl.

What a joy must it be, to create world around the most brilliant and free minded people at the planet (a.k.a. kids). The style matches the tone of voice.

I get the idea that Kangas and Kun created extra pauses in Penny’s narration. It slightly breaks the joyful flow. For more info about this project check out their Behance page.


One of the greatest industrial designers of the last century is Ettore Sottsass. His work varies from buildings to furniture and jewellery. This modern day Renaissance man also created poetry, the starting point of the next piece.

This short, directed by Ryan Rumbolt, explores the spectrum of emotions in everyday life. Producing partner Wonderlust created a look and feel which perfectly fits the designer’s graphical and artistic signature.

Last Week

Creating a festival title sequence is the ideal way to promote yourself. You could say a very serious business, or is it..?

* written by Yoda.

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Enzo Greco

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