Enzo’s Monday Motion #124: Music Motion

Put on your headphones, because it’s time for some music videos filled with a variety of motion styles.

Admit it…

Upcoming artist Coach Hop (Charlie Laurence) is not afraid of his guilty pleasure Taylor Swift.

Motion designers The Dink and Laurence Honderick created a surprisingly strong 3D music video. The bust of a Roman god summarises perfectly the sarcastic vibe of the song. Together with the pink look (matching Swift’s sweet songs) they form a solid base for the video, that doesn’t need any other visual trickery. Better yet, the low end lip sync and stocky props even strengthen the concept.


The story behind the next music video is as beautiful as the end result itself. French animation Director Hugo de Faucompret heard street singer Nébil Mannai playing in the subways of Paris. He was so enchanted that they started talking. The conversation led to some drinks, a friendship and a mesmerising cel animated music video.

Faucompret received total creative freedom for the song about two estranged friends. His treatment envisioned a fictive conversation. Starting equally in a perfect split screen that falls out of balance, just like their opinions.

Gorrilaz goes Thriller

Nobody touches the King of Pop, but this attempt of a mini horror story meets music video isn’t too bad! By the way, if you have a Google cardboard lying around I recommend the 360 degrees version.

The mash up in animation styles suits the artist exploration of the band. Still nothing beats the main Akira style. The video was another fruitful coproduction between the Gorillaz and Passion Animation Studios London. Directed by Jamie Hewlett and animation under the guidance of Robert Valley and Daryl Graham.

From Dissolve to Luminosity

There’s more artistic work. This time from animator Kevin McGloughlin and director Brendan Canty. It seems they recently discovered the Photoshop function of blending styles.

I’m all for exploring as many styles as possible. But I do think that you need to choose at some point. The epileptic style may match the song lyrics, but it most definitely overrules the dreamy vibe. I’m curious what the result would be with a couple of layers less.

Vive la France

Those French art schools keep on serving La crème de la crème. Who doesn’t remember the start of the collective CRCR. There’s a new collective in town by the name of ‘Klub Simon’.

Every member of the four man collective has their own signature style. Still they manage to bring it all together into one smooth music video. I guess we’ll be hearing more from these guys very soon.

Last Week

From hater to (almost) a lover. These videos helped me get over my rough relation with 3D animation.

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