Enzo’s Monday Motion #122: Transitions

The journey is more important than the destination. For some stories the same rule is applicable for scene transitions. Five spots where the cut transcends from transition to star.


If commercials are as convincing as this, it’s hard to believe this brand no longer exists.. A trip down memory lane with Sweden’s classiest car brand.

The spot could easily end with the Honda logo, and that’s a big compliment if you would ask me. It’s fresh, inventive and you’re almost sad when the commercial ends. Saab was so clever to make an interactive campaign site where you could continue your ride. Too bad the Changing perspective campaign couldn’t change the fate of the Swedish brand. Directed by Daniel de Viciola and produced by Acne.

Project Runway

Fasten your seatbelts. The Delta Airlines spot is about to take of.

You can learn many many things from Stanley Kubrick, but maybe the best lesson is: Composition is king. It paves the way for a fast edit and transition. I like the playful side shot when the camera pans to the side. It shifts the perspective from the goal to the user (matching the voiceover ‘Good things come the those who go’). Compliments to directors Clement Gallette & Charles Brisgand and DOP Arnaud Pottier. Concept by Wieden+Kennedy New York.

Opposites attract

A smooth transition doesn’t only melt two scenes together, it can also magnify the contrast between to worlds. Great example by Publicis Conseil, Paris.

From now on you will look with a different pair of eyes t(hr)o(ugh) glass. Director duo Helvetica brilliantly translated the power of construction materials and so Saint Gobain’s core business. Produced by In Other Words.

Hungry for more

Where the Delta spot focused on composition, the next one focusses on the camera pan. Or better set: it revolves around you!

If you can strip your concept to one strong feature, you know the message will stick. My old friends at ACHTUNG! succeeded with a delicious spot for HelloFresh. I love how they managed to put a tiny surprise in every single shot. It keeps the spot fresh and surprising, just like to brand loves to portray itself.

Battle Up

For the first time ever the American marines corps released a campaign focussing fully on women. See how the ad breaks through all the prejudices without going all girly.

Breaking through barriers is the metaphor the whole ad is constructed on. Every cut transcends from a simple transition between scenes to a breakthrough moment in a woman’s life. The campaign does not only focusses on the life as a marine, but also before and after. In this way it increases the recognition of future marines.

With the clear goal of increasing the female share, the ad cuts a few corners portraying a world solely of woman. I wonder if the story would lose impact and clarity if they balanced it out a bit better. Other wise a well written and executed commercial by JWT Atlanta.

Last Week

We finally left the cold winter behind to welcome spring. I can’t wait for those sunny days and neither can these floral commercials.

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