Enzo’s Monday Motion #121: Spring Time

Even though the thermometer seems to think differently, spring is on it’s way! I can’t wait for the sun and neither can the floral commercials.

Last frost

Thomas Blanchard is a French director slash motion designer who’s known for his use of colour. In his experimental video “Dance, Dance” he uses flowers as main character and the story is all about the four seasons.

The rose on fire represents the decay of nature during fall. The frost en de-icing timelapse brings us from winter to spring ending with the flowers in full summer glory. Blanchard, who’s known for his abstract inky video’s, has found a nice new way to give colour to his work.

All beautiful things come from nature

We smoothly transit from pure art to commercial work. Wieden+Kennedy translated the products of homeopathic medicine maker Shiseido into a piece of art. Simply by focussing on the main natural ingredients (and a little help from innovative technology). Get mesmerised by the spot produced by Dvein.

In case you were wandering, the whole commercial was shot in real life (ok, maybe not the walking bug, but besides that ; ).

This product could have never been created without special art directors a.k.a. botanist experts and an intense pre production. The plant growth footage took months to research. The dancing plants (which are an actual timelapse) are a joy to watch. 2018 has barely started and I guess I’ve already seen my spot of the year…

Slightly Exaggerated

Like nature our set of spots evolves from one to the next. We continue on the Japanese path with a spot that’s style wise inspired by studio Ghibli. Directing duo Kylie Matulick & Todd Mueller used the slightly exaggerated and dreamy world as an inspiration for Oregon’s promotion video.

The world of ads is one where we always project our selves as a slightly better version. If you want to attract tourists to your state and your nickname is the Beaver State, you might want to consider spicing things up a bit. Leave this (again) up to the concepters of Wieden+Kennedy and Studio Psyop.

It’s very clear form the beginning, you won’t enter another version of Willy Wonka’s paradise. But I’m surprised if you aren’t curious what this state actually has to offer. Big up for the client approving such a wild idea.

Naturally Delicious

Becel wants to accentuate the healthy and natural power of their butter. See how a group of ladybugs, bee’s and flowers work behind the scenes of your beloved broodje kaas.

it was a smart choice by agency Alfred to only add the unnatural CGI where it was absolutely necessary. This way the spot remains fresh and true to it’s message.

Product Seeding

Talking about a brilliant, ambiguous seeding video. Nike sure knows how to plug their new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus.

The surprising spot was intentionally created for social ads. The flickering timelapse gives that extra realness to a nature growth sequence. Until the very end it’s spot on! Great execution by Giantsteps and animated by David Hyatt.


To introduce Korkunov’s exquisite spring edition of Russia’s most beloved praline, Sehsucht created a mesmerizing metamorphosis of white spring flowers. Each cycle brings up a new and unseen creation, just like the tasty pralines.

Since this story wasn’t feasible in real life, Sehsucht let their CG botanists deliver their magic. The result tastes like more…

Midsummer night

Flora and fauna respond to mother natures daily rhythm. Everything gets a bit confusing up in the nordic part of Finland during summer, when the sun doesn’t set for 72 straight days.

Like the state of Oregon, water isn’t the most sexiest product. Wieden+Kennedy London (who else) went to the source of Finland’s water and based their story around this extraordinary natural phenomena. A very smart call. Directed by Anders Stake. Extra credits to the audio!

Last Week

Is it a bird..? Is it a plane?
No it’s graphical motion a.k.a. the best way to portray stories filled with metaphors.

Start your engines! It’s time for another round of automotive spots.

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