Enzo’s Monday Motion #120: Animated Athletics

Is it a bird..?
Is it a plane..?

No it’s a set graphical animations a.k.a. the best way to portray stories filled with metaphors. Six sport spots that bring out the best in mankind.

Fast & Furious

Adhemas Batista directed a series of animations for the latest running shoe of Asics. The campaign represents the free feeling of running with the Flytefoam technology.

On the positive note: the animations are a joy to watch!
I only can’t figure out what the concept behind it all was. Free as a bird? Waterproof..?And as old (or strong) as a dinosaur? Also the sound effects feel like a placeholder. My only guess is that the sounds actually come from the runner, who effortlessly runs his laps. If this was the case, I would most definitely reveil the runner with a (longer) close up of his face, seeing him actually make these sound effects.

Let’s end the way we started: check out the love for detail of Zombie Studios 3D production work.

Music to my Ears

Audio can make a difference in animation. This basic lesson is picked up perfectly by the people at motion studio Radio.

The audio not only gives an extra layer to the experience, it also gives the piece structure. Without it the piece might feel a bit too fast; now everything feels in perfect harmony. Props to both motion and audio designers.

Career change?

There is life after sport and for Kobe Bryant it might be in film. Check out his Oscar-winning short “Dear Basketball”.

Just before retiring, Bryant wrote a beautiful ode to his true love basketball. The poem was so powerful, he felt obliged to transform it into a short. Bryant formed a new Dream Team with Disney legend Glen Keane and Star Wars composer John Williams.

The final product kinda feels like a rough storyboard with the matching low frame rate. In this case it totally works. The film breaths purity, similar to his devotion to the game. The distinctive classic Disney character gives the story that fairytale feeling which resonates through Bryant’s career. A true masterpiece that rightfully claimed an Oscar.

Rising Star

One of the fastest growing sports is E-sports. Not in the last place for it commercial potential. Here’s a nice explainer about the new kid on the block.

Studio Two Fresh Creative created a lovely mix between 2D and 3D animation. Creative Director Phil Guthrie smartly translated the prejudice of (classic) games into the visual style. Like the message, the design evolves into something richer. This elevated the piece for me a lot! All together a fresh video that represents the core of E-sports.

Lord of the Strings

Not the toughest nor the sexiest game, but with motion work like this, it earned a spot in this weeks blog. The floor is all yours badminton.

This little side project by designer Moree Wu and animator Hao Li showcases their skills in fluent camerawork and cel animation. If you’re curious how this piece of magic was created I suggest to watch their case page.


The Olympic games of Rio were barely over or Playstation was already looking forward to the next edition.

If I say Japan and animation you say…? TBWA Paris instantly sets the right vibe with their Manga styled commercial. The piece builds up beautiful to an iconic end shot supported by the traditional taiko drums. Directed by Walter Mazoyer and produced by Supamonks Studio.

Last Week

Start your engines! It’s time for another round of automotive spots.


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