Enzo’s Monday Motion #118: Explainer

I’ve shared a large sum of infomercials over time. Not least because of the rich animation and large variety. Today I focus on a sub genre which clarifies difficult (or strange) subjects: the explainer.

Porn Sex vs Real Sex

New York City-based production company KB Creative Lab uses fruit and vegetables to amusingly explain the many differences between sex in real life and adult films. With the video they managed to ruin Nutella for 17 million (youtube viewing) people and counting..

This video well earned it’s share of attention and prizes. Proofing that an explainer doesn’t have to be boring, nor does it have to be about technical, dusty subjects. Concept by Andrew Kornhaber and Eric Brown, animation by Michael Luchhardt.

Texas Water

Water shortage is a big issue. Raising awareness is the first step for better usage. The North Texas Municipal Water District is leading by example.

Animators Tyler Dibiasio and Tucker Klein delivered a beautiful cel animated piece. The transitions are smart and rich in animation. At the end they might have exaggerated it a little at the expense of the message. Besides that a clear and well executed message produced by CHRLX and directed by Ryan Dunn.

High end Content

CNN is delivering a batch of high end video content. Their (explainer) series about colour is a great example. With their extra in depth information they stand out as a news medium. Ignacio Osorio designed and animated the explainer about Micro Plastics.

Where in the previous example motion overruled the communication, Osorio truly masters the skill of timing and editing. A must have skill if you want to captivate, entertain and educate your audience.

Insulting for Beginners

German motion designer Janis Aschberger succeeded his study at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with flying colours. With his graduation film he transformed Glenn O’Brien’s book “How to be a Man.” into a fun explainer.

Aschberger nicely blends live action with graphics. You can tell he storyboarded every scene before shooting resulting in smooth animation.

No more flaky internet!

The video explains the principal of a VPN connection and sells a product at the same time (with a convincing promise if I may say so).

The production by Remade shows that you don’t need a rainbow of colours or rich animation to deliver a strong and slick message. It’s a first I’ve heard from this Philadelphian boutique shop, but it won’t be the last. Design and Animation by Tim Pachuau and DJ Ferro.

Heal the World

Cellutech is a research company that innovates and develops products using plants. Be amazed by the potential of this green and friendly material.

The motion might not be the strongest of all, but the compositions are. Nice work by director and producer Owe Martirez.

Last Week

From morning coffee to late night beers: The next round of drink spots are on me!

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Enzo Greco

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