Enzo’s Monday Motion #117: Drinks on me

From morning coffee to late night beers: The next round of drink spots are on me!

Extraordinary Flavour

Taylor’s tea and coffee demonstrates their perseverance and craftsmanship in their pursuit of extraordinary flavours.

Lucky Generals delivered an outstanding concept. Without losing their quality appearance, the brand embraces the mainstream audience with a healthy dose of self mockery. Directed by Erik Morales and produced by CANADA.

Share the Drama

Football is emotion. Beer brand Heineken revives a series of Champions League highlights in a dramatic way.

With Van ‘The Man’ Nistelrooij Heineken focusses on the Xennials (generation born between ’75 and ’85). It’s fun and surprising at the same time seeing an old time hero starring in a total different arena. Director Fredrik Bond delivered a set of three dramatic spots which instantly fills every thirty-something year old football fan’s heart with joy. Not a bad sensation you want to link your own brand to.

Let yourself be enchanted one more time by Ronaldinho in futuristic Blade Runner world.

Taste the Feeling

Pretty much everybody recalls the fairytale world inside the Coca Cola vending machine. But what goes on inside the characteristic bottle?

Buck surprisingly had a carte blanche delivering this Coca Cola Japan spot. The motion is really fluent, but the combination of speed and intense colours feel a bit like a Mentos thrown inside of a shaken bottle.


Japan isn’t the only country where the local branding is slightly different. Meet the Chinese Willy Wonka who’s apparentlty the owner of the local Minute Maid orange juice factory!

No concept stands on it’s own. But this spot is a clear, strange (and bad) rip off. They copied Tim Burton’s version and continued shopping in his work with some fragments of Alice in Wonderland. Curious if they received any legal charges. Creative wise it’s a shame they didn’t spend the money on something more genuine.

Keep it Simple

Speciality beers are so mainstream, they start being a threat to the big names. America’s favorite lager felt it had to make a stand.

Big up to the styling and art department. They managed to compose an exaggerated styled glass in a simplistic matching scene. The special effects department continued the high level with beautiful text animation compiled from the four basic ingredients. All together a strong concept and execution by Wieden & Kennedy New York.

More Drinks

If you’re still thirsty, enjoy a second round of drink spots.

Last Week

Laughing is not only healthy, it can also create a long lasting impression. Here are five different humor styles with the same outcome: tears of joy.

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