Enzo’s Monday Motion #115: Camera Pans

After my hibernation it’s time to turn the holiday mode into action!
I serve you five commercials which will turn your head.

Play Ball

Nike kicked of this NBA season as the official on-court uniform for the NBA. ‘Straight Outta Compton’ F. Gary Gray directed a dynamic and strong commercial where we witness the (possible) future NBA star.

The camera pans are used as a metaphor to look into the future. I see the DoP struggling with the very first pan, but after that it works really smooth. The pace of commercial feels like you’re on the court with slow shots followed by an explosive transition.

It’s also refreshing that the current stars are now merely supporting acts, something we hardly see in Nike ads. Concept by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, produced by Fenix Studios.

Kitchen Review

McDonald’s is one of the biggest players in Normway when it comes to first jobs for teenagers. The French fries company shows you can also turn it into a lifetime career.

The concept and execution of this spot cuts both ways: it attracts young and eager staff and at the same time lifts the quality (or better said appearance) of their own product.
The camera pan reveals that the job has more to offer than it looks at first sight. The handcrafted and rigged animations breath nostalgia, quality and care.

All together a very smart and well executed concept by DDB and ADP Oslo. This successful concept is translated into a series where they also go in depth on their products such as their French fries.

Inside Out

With this lovely set of bumpers French broadcadting TF1 shows that their content is quite surprising.

The concept of surprise works perfect. With the fixed variables of the logo and the camera pan any genre or season is easily applicable. The bumper also works perfectly as a round story smartly wrapping up the commercial break. Concept and direction by NAKED, produced by Upper First.

Upside Down

There are more directions to spin your camera than the obvious left right horizontal pan. This classic Land Rover spot turns your world upside down.

Gravity and simple sets aren’t your friend when you go for this type of production. But it most definitely pays of. The car brand shows their diversity in opposite situations. At the same time it represents the indestructible power of the car which easily travels around the whole globe. Great work especially if you consider this production was set in a time where drones and realistic CGI were scarce.

Don’t look back

The safest spot for a child in a car is the backseat. That is if your eyes stay on the road. The Irish Road Safety Authority makes this very clear in a beautiful but at the same time compelling way.

No other commercial delivered this kind of emotional impact with a simple camera pan. The message ‘Don’t lose a life looking back’ hits you right in the heart. A tiny point of criticism goes to the casting. I imagine we look back into the life of a single woman. It feels like they had a hard time casting the youngest version of the mother, which breaks the connection of the concept. In the end the impact is indisputable so great job to Partizan London and director Martin Stirling.

Last Edition

Are you having a slow start in January? Binge watch this set of shorts.

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Enzo Greco

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