Enzo’s Monday Motion #112: Stop Motion Videos

Let’s mix up my favourite technique and execution: stop motioned video clips!

Please refill ink cartridge

Big chance you’ve already seen OK Go’s latest video. The band continues their collaborative approach, this time with paper producer Double A. Watch the result of 2,5 years of planning, 567 printers and a tree worth of paper.

The band forsaw a storm of hate comments regarding the waste of paper so they smartly started the video with a recycle comment. As usual the video was directed by lead singer Damian Kulash. This time he teamed up with projecting artist Daito Manabe for his first ‘paper mapping’ project. The video wall is a bit hard to read, but upgrading the resolution would mean even more waste. The choreography is (as usual) filled with smart and fun interaction. For any other band this would have been a big accomplishment, but for OK Go it’s a tiny bit disappointing.

Stop (motion) Printing

The printshop had massive overtime for this edition. Four months ago The Shins delivered a similar concept where they printed 5,566 stickers, filming them stop motion style on 40+ different locations. Not a lot if the song is called half a million…

Big up for directers duo LAMAR+NIK. They fully exploited their concept with lot’s of inside jokes and creative solutions. The thick layered stickers give the concept extra richness and sense of craftsmanship. A duo to keep your eye on!

Wilderness of the Mind

We leave the printer behind but stick to the material and technique. Stop-motion animation director Hayley Morris asked some help from glass blowers to complete a very interesting and mesmerising video for the American band Explosions in the Sky.

With instrumental songs and a free brief you might expect tons of creative ideas. The band received many treatments but only Moriss’ concept stuck out. This one-(wo)man-band delivered a hell of a job, smartly using materials which work great with light like translucent paper, plastic and glass.

Newspaper Clippings

Daniel Bruson is another multi talented animator slash director. The next video tells the story of a young girl’s journey to womanhood through a series of broken and reconstructed objects like buttons, thread, leaves and magazine cut-outs.

It’s interesting to see how many different styles one technique can generate. I especially like the scenes where Bruson used the negative spaces to tell the story (around 01:40).


The last video is already an oldie, but still feels fresh. Irina Dakeva hand painted over 2,000 watercolour paintings for Breakbot’s hit ‘Baby I’m Yours’.

The psychedelic style matches perfectly with Breakbot’s dreamy Indy rock vibe. Also credits to the Dop Christohe Deroo and production agency Wizz.

Last Week

From pure motion to dramatic and sophisticated spots. Five rich commercials created in black & white.

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