Enzo’s Monday Motion #111: Black & White

From pure motion to dramatic and sophisticated spots. Five rich commercials created in black & white.

Fuel for Motion

If New Zealand’s biggest dairy producer Anchor can turn this single spot into a series, it can reach the level of the legendary ‘Got Milk?‘ series.

Not merely the copy, but the flow of the voice over is perfect fuel for motion designers. The decision to detach the over all camera pan from the story flow works great. It brings calmness and overview, where detailed animations touch every word and punctuation mark right on the dot. Great work by Assembly and mathematical poet Harry Baker.

The Right Fit

If you’re a sneaker fan and want to avoid the usual suspects, go Scandinavian with a pair of ARKK’s Copenhagen.

The Danish shoe brand is heavily inspired by architecture. To stay true to it’s design, director Morten Kühl Christensen created this minimalistic spot where nature meets tech. I especially like the shot where he plays with light and shadow. I’m curious how the shoe build up scene would look like, if he continued this style.

Free yourself from colours

Leica goes back to the origin with a black and white camera.

For the second time already are the words the star of the spot. This doesn’t mean there weren’t any interesting scenes. Filling in the blanks over the blue ocean ripples and the red splashes of blood felt very natural. Also the product specifications, where old meets new, were nicely translated into the shutter, film development process and digitalised pixels.

Props to word smiths at Brazilian agency F/Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi and Lobo directors Mateus de Paula Santos and Fábio Acorsi.

Full Entertainment

Sonos broadens its target audience to films and football with this next spot.

It’s surprising that Anomaly presented a concept for full home entertainment with only two colours of the whole colour spectrum (one if you would ask a scientist). My guess would be the concept focuses on pure audio. This matches the simplistic design created by Giant Ant. Extra props for the sound design Greg McAllister.


Artist Johan Rijpma captures everyday life (object) with seemingly simple but often meticulous motion. In this particular case he only used a pen, a light box and tons of sheet paper.

An animation that is so rich, doesn’t ask for colour, simply time. Rijpma started this piece in his hometown Utrecht and finished it in Tokyo thanks to the support from ”Animation Artist in Residence Tokyo 2016”. More interesting info for this project is available on the site of Director notes.

Last Week

The following motion is almost an extinct art form. Thank you Netflix for skipping it in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…….

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Enzo Greco

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