Enzo’s Monday Motion #110: TV Titles

The following motion is almost an extinct art form. Thank you Netflix for skipping it in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1……

Scandinavian Shows

Norway follows their Scandinavian brother Denmark in a crime tv show. Mill+ created this nice ink-like title sequence.

The watercolour style creates a mystical effect and is a perfect way to stitch all scenes together. These double exposed scenes start strong, but loose their effect in the end. At the climax they’re blending way too many designs which makes it messy and hard to read. A few extra seconds could have made a difference. Still nice work that seduces you to watch the show.

Different Kinda Dark

From a wanted Norwegian criminal we hop over to an ex-convict in American Gods. The show is based on Neil Gaiman’s dark fantasy novel filled with bloodthirsty reincarnated gods.

This different kind of dark asks for a different approach. The sequence is all about exposure. The hard shadows and bright lights are a nice reference to the show’s contrast between the old and the new world. Great work by design Studio Elastic, director Patrick Clair and Lead Compositor and Animator Raoul Marks.

Mystery Unraveling

Who isn’t a fan of street magician David Blaine? Follow the artist in his preparation for a set of new physically impossible stunts. narrated by another legend Christopher Walker.

None other than the psychedelic artists of BUCK created this title animation. The colours are very hard which is a a bit too much for the handy cam feeling of the documentary. On the other hand it does reflect the artist’s outspoken and extravagant style very well. Directed by Thomas Schmid and Daniel Oeffinger.

ps. Watch the full tv documentary online.

Identical Contradictions

I never could have guessed that luxury goes so well with (industrialised) violence..!

I appreciate the research done by the art director finding similarities in both worlds. But I admire the collaboration with the design team even more. Every style frame is perfectly symmetrical! Great job by Paul Kim, Jeff Han, Kevin Heo, Felix Soletic and Nick Miller. Created at Elastic and directed by Patrick Clair.

I <3 80s

Right now there’s no bigger decade than the eighties. Netflix released another show called GLOW, also known als Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling.

The intro looks as if the animators of Tron were working on LSD. The ‘poor quality’ 3D and motion blur perfectly reflect the timeframe. Simple and clean in concept yet totally over the top. Nice work by Richard Kenworthy.

The Big Screen

Richard Kenworthy also directed the title design of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’. Check out this and other title classics in the previous edition (sound alert).

Last Week

A strong commercial isn’t necessarily filled with product shots. These five automotive spots prove you can still leave a memorable impression.

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