Enzo’s Monday Motion #109: Car(e)less

A strong commercial isn’t necessarily filled with product shots. These five automotive spots prove you can still leave a memorable impression.

Traffic Jam

If you think traffic jam is bad over here, you’ve clearly never been to Asia. Luckily you can sit back and relax while your Uber-driver takes you from A to B.

The streets of Bangkok feel a bit like a jungle. The recognisable examples can make you laugh or at worst boil your blood again (good thing for the lighthearted Jungle Book soundtrack). Ubers first global branding campaign is directed by Adam Berg and produced by Indio. The campaign continuous online where they show interesting statistics.

The ABC-game

Who hans’t spend their holiday trip with the ABC-game. Honda gives you 27 reasons to go for their new electric model.

For Uber it’s understandable not to show a car since they simply don’t sell one. From Honda it’s less expected. Until you see the actual product. BUCK did their best with 27 funny stories, but unfortunately they don’t make up for this car.

The ABC of Death

ABCs are hot! If Metro Trains Melbourne gets world wide attention with Dumb ways to Die, why not a car brand..?

Ok… directors duo Dorian & Daniel weren’t actually asked to produce this spot for Volvo. Not least because of a previous PR-incident with the Volvo auto-stop feature. Long live the spec (fake) ads which help build future careers.

Push The Button

Embedding film classics in your commercial is a smart way to make people watch your spot over and over again. Volkswagen switches to memory lane for their new Golf GTE.

Volkswagen tries to convince their speeding clients you can still burn rubber with their hybrid car. With a little help from Indiana Jones, James Bond and Tatort they hope to seduce you to the dealer. Nice concept by Adam & Eve/DDB, directed by Ben Tollett and Richard Brim and produced by The Mill.


Extraordinary things happen when imagination meets technology.

Lexus wants to show their creativity with their latest model and concepts. With ManvsMachine they hired one of the best. Really beautiful how they stitched the different projects together with creative transitions and camera work. Concept by CHI & Partners.

Last Week

Last time I went back to minimal motion with a set of lines and dots.


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Enzo Greco

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