Enzo’s Monday Motion #108: Lines & Dots #3

Back to minimal motion with a set of lines and dots…

The Future

How do you present your vision without the corny futuristic scenes and stock footage? Toyota went for minimalistic motion at the international fair CES.

Designer and animator Andrew Vucko translated the script into recognisable animations. But more importantly, he perfectly matched the flow of his motion to the (voiceover and) story making it very pleasant to watch.

Full Process

Adobe Live is a streaming series on Youtube that features top creatives sharing their process live. This edition is all about the work ethic of illustrator Sofia Foster Dimino.

I like that the Adobe Live logo is a part of the story and animation. This elevates the brand from a random sponsor to an essential variable in the process. Talking about process, the spot reads like a concept coming to life: from rough sketches to different outtakes. It made me curious about the lecture! Directed by Chris Kelly and the team of Oddfellows.


South Korea’s biggest broadcaster tvN started an entertainment channel called OtvN. Creative Director Youngmin Kim created a set of simplistic tv idents.

With a minimal colour palet Motion Designer Gyuhwan Yu created an interesting 3D ident that’s still very easy to consume. Great proof that you don’t need a heavy render farm to deliver 3D motion.

Data Analytics

IBM is trying to compete with Google in the field of cloud services and data analytics with this B2B infomercial.

I’m a bit disappointed when it comes to the end result. The concept and story feel convincing. Execution wise I get the feeling I’m looking at an animatic and not the final version. A missed chance by the team of Buck, who normally delivers straight A work.

Motion Graveyard

Some projects get cancelled at the very last day. This is one of them…
Thank you Giant Ant for saving this minimalistic piece of art from the motion graveyard!

Go Go Asia

This edition could almost been called Asian Motion. Thank you Japan, South Korea and China for your great work.

Like the music the motion feels like a rapmix of different motion styles who seamlessly flow together. Nice job by Creative Agency LxU Studio and Animator BigF.

Connecting Dots

Check out more minimalistic motion at the previous edition of Lines & Dots.

Last Week

This edition can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch and dinner! Check out this five course meal of delicious food spots.

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Enzo Greco

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