Enzo’s Monday Motion #106: One Taker

Why use many different scenes when you can tell a story in one go? Here are five one-taker spots which give the average production team non stop nightmares.

Look at him!

First dates tend to start a bit awkward. Luckily there’s the Uber app where you swipe yourself endlessly to a better location.

The comfort and ease of the service is translated with a ‘simple’ one take feeling. Logically every scene swap is (sometimes literary) through a car. A nightmare for the production team who already was challenged to the max with a huge set. Director Kim Gehrig had her share of hurdles to tackle like the choreography.

The minute long spot is cramped with seven mini stories. Add multiple dance scenes plus over-acting and you have yourself a short musical. This takes away a bit of the credibility, but I am impressed by the camerawork and attractive sets. Props to DoP Nicholas Loir and the production team of Somesuch.

Learned young is done old

More choreography stress in the next spot for IKEA. These kids show us how fun ands easy dinner parties are.

These directors seem to surpass each other by adding impossible variables. Instead of impossible camera pans this director directed Dougal Wilson goes for the hardest cast next to animals and oldies: young kids. Good thing the script is filled with smart transitions which prevent a real one taker. There’s a strange distortion effect on some scene stitches which feel more as an imperfection that conceptually chosen.

I like how Wilson managed to embed many hero shots of IKEA products without them feeling over the top. Last but not least a big up to the art department who delivered great work on the life size dolls. Concept by Mother London, produced by Blink.

The Real Deal

Finally a spot where there’s no stichting. With a long lasting pay of ‘Keep on walking’ you’re bound to make a one taker some day.

The behind the scenes are the perfect proof for this gem. With a computer controlled camera and well timed treadmills the unpredictable variables on set were reduced to a minimum. Props for the smart creative direction by US.

Cycle of Violence

As the IKEA spot already proved, children copy our behaviour. Unfortunately the same thing goes for bad examples.

This commercial is powerful in many different ways. In only 15 seconds it tells a full story with a surprising twist using only a simple camera pan. Great work by director Michelle Craig.

Bullet Time

Let’s go out with a bang with the Chinese Airbnb.

Big chance the creative team of Karma Advertising Co recently watched Deadpool. Still you have to admire their courage to deliver such a funny spot. The client had their own sense of humor when they pulled the plug áfter months of production. Lucky for us director Matthias Zentner decided to finish the job and share it for his peers.

More One Takers

Keep those camera’s rolling for five more one takers.

Last Week

From the Amazon to the Sahara, these wildlife spots cover the whole world.

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