Enzo’s Monday Motion #105: Wildlife

From the Amazon to the Sahara, these wildlife spots cover the whole world.

Look at him!

Be aware Isaiah Mustafa, because you might get kicked from your Old Spice throne. The ‘Legendary Man’ returns after his whale commercial. This time with an Indiana Jones twist he returns from the jungle with a new pair of brilliant insides.

It seems like Wieden + Kennedy Portland created a new gem that can go on for a while. Directed by Jason Bagley, produced by Biscuit Filmworks and VFX by The Mill.

Repeat after me

It’s hard to run your business. Especially if you have a store filled with parroting pets… Luckily this is not a problem anymore with the easy and professional website templates of Wix.

This commercial is part of series of funny situations people can relate to. All with the same simple and strong storyboard: a camera pan back and forth from product shot to situation. When a concept is applicable to so many storylines, you know you hit the jackpot. The campaign was created by former ad agency Silver + Partners and directed by Howard Finkelstein.

Mommy’s very angry…

This isn’t about the cult classic Jurassic park, but about the inner-lion of every mother. Detergent Lysol kicked of their campaign ‘What it takes to protect’ with this special Mother’s Day dedication.

The commercial shows a refreshing view of a soap brand. Where we normally stay safely close to the product(shots) and function, McCann New York delivered a high level concept of protecting you(r children). The link with the animal world makes the examples of care and nurture even stronger.

Another big compliment to production agency Framestore who smartly mixed real life animals with CGI.

Here Kitty Kat

You don’t have to be a cat person to help this purring friend land back on his feet.

There’s only one studio who you want for this spot and that’s the ‘Life of Pi’ studio MPC. Director Martin Stirling created the recognisable family setting which looks (like the tiger) very convincing. Great teamwork from concept (by JWT) to execution.

Free as a bird

Why should only people feel free as a bird…?

Data roaming is of the endangered species list! I’m curious if the deal includes all the best safari spots, but it does feel like a pleasant and interesting holiday. Nice work by Wieden + Kennedy London, directed by the Perlorian Brothers and CGI of The Mill.

Last Week

From kicks to to loafers and sneakers. Lace up for five different spots about shoes.

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