Enzo’s Monday Motion #104: Shoes

Kicks, trainers, loafers, sneakers, or boots. Lace up for five different spots about shoes.


Let’s start sportive with the (indoor!) football shoe of Nike. The tiny courtyard demands explosive sprints with lots of traction. Aiming for a rebellious character the spot leans on the metaphor of a tuned street car.

The colour palet is really strong and together with the soundtrack it pumps up the adrenaline level. The full speed mash up scenes between the car and shoe feel a bit off. Reflections on the car give a sense of speed, but a shoe in action doesn’t ‘move’ like that. The matching camera pans and smart use of smoke give it in the end the feeling of power. CGI animation by Simon Fiedler, Bastian J. Schiffer and Martin Pajak.


Even though Michael Jordan has retired a long long time ago, his line of shoes still stands strong. His Royal Airness is substituted by slam dunk hero Blake Griffin and he throws it over the comedy side.

In a world where it’s all about ego’s and size, it’s nice to see this fresh approach. Griffin’s side kick Dr. Drain steals the show while Griffin does what he does best: slam dunking.

When it’s time for the product shot, the spot quickly switches to full colour. Personally I think it would have suited way better to keep it all in black & white. It breaks the flow and makes the product placement way to obvious. Good thing Dr. Drain returns for a final appearance.

Summer Time

When it’s hot you want some fresh loafers on your feet. The Spanish shoes of Victoria color up every step you take.

The shoe line ‘Monocromo’ doesn’t simply come in fresh colours, they’re also eco friendly produced. With their own psychedelic Alice in Wonderland feeling they create the right summer feeling. Creative direction by Alain Martinez Iribarren and animation by Frame.

Fall Time

Clarks visited the Genevan particle accelerator to extract the DNA of it’s summer Nature IV. The core fibres and techniques were place into the new fall edition of Nature V.

For a shoe line that’s called ‘Nature’ we don’t see a lot of mother earth. The brand focusses on the technological side of their DNA which stays a bit too much into the abstract level. Shredding your own shoe can give the wrong impression. The build up shots look interesting and the copy line is smart. Concept by Lewis Clarke and produced by BlindPig.

Winter Time

There’s a pair of sneakers you don’t have to put in your closet when winter is coming. Nike morphed the comfort of the summer shoe into a water, wind and heat proof shoe.

With an artistic touch director Tom Haig really nails it. The mix of close ups, nature elements and morphing anims he delivers a super strong spot, which is my favourite in this top 5.

Last Week

From geometrical patterns to organic liquids. Enjoy this countless set of particles animation.

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Enzo Greco

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